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Development Training

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19136, United States
March 06, 2011

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**** ***** ****** * Philadelphia, PA 19136 * 215-407-

**** *


1. Attended STARTALK 2010 Teacher Training Institute for Hindi and Urdu

July 12 to 23,2010 at South Asian Center UPENN

2. Interpreter for Pushto, Urdu/Hindi and Punjabi Languages with various

Language Agencies in Philadelphia. 2005- Present

3. Taught an online Pushto Course for University of Chicago. 2008-2009

4. Assisted teaching Pushto Language Courses at South Asian Studies

Department at University of Pennsylvania in 2005-2007.

5. Currently working as Pushto Language Tester for American Council on the

teaching of Foreign Languages, ACTFL. 2008-Present

6. Worked as Translator of Pushto and Urdu into English at Linguistic Data

Consortium, University of Pennsylvania, 2006-2007

7. Affiliated Faculty Member of the South Asian Center, University of

Pennsylvania, 2008 - Present

8. Research Associate and Gender specialist, Pakistan Academy for Rural

Development, Peshawar, Pakistan. 1992-2003

9. Lecturer in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of

Peshawar, Pakistan, 1981-83


1. Master of Arts in Comparative Philosophy from University of Hawaii, USA,


2. Master of Arts in Philosophy from University of Peshawar, Pakistan, 1979

3. Bachelor of Arts in English and Urdu from Frontier College of Women,

Peshawar, Pakistan. 1972

Areas of Competence

1. Interpretation/Translation from Pushto, Urdu, Punjabi to English

2. Comparative Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, Research Methodology,

Female Education, Rural Women & Extension Education, Communication,

Curriculum Development, Women in Sustainable Rural Development, Women in

Management, WID, Gender and Development, Poverty Alleviation & Social



1. Read, Write, and Speak : English, Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi

2. Read and Write: Persian and Arabic

3. Speak and understand: Hindi, Basic Japanese


1. Taught English language and was on the Board of Curriculum Design for

Afghan Refugees at Ummahatul Momeneen University, NWFP, Pakistan 1990-


2. Sub-Editor PARD Journal of Rural Development and Administration,

(JORDA). 1995-2000.

3. Led the Women Industrial Centre PARD. Peshawar 1995 to June 2000.


1. Female Education: A Focus on Rural Swabi, Published by Pakistan Academy

for Rural Development, PARD, Peshawar, 1994.

2. Skill Based Literacy Primer for Women (Urdu).

3. Women Environment and Conservation of Resources, (Urdu), Editor,

published by PARD, Peshawar 1994.

4. The Impact of Development Process on Family Unit, (Urdu), Editor,

published by PARD, Peshawar, March 1995.

5. Communication & Extension Process in Rural Perspective, Editor,

(Lectures by Director PARD, Peshawar), in Urdu published by PARD in

April 1995.

6. Development, Change, & Rural Women in Pakistan, Editor, PARD, 1995.

7. Pakistani Women in Development: A Statistical Mirror Compiler & Editor,

PARD 1997. The book was nominated by PARD for the Award of 2010 Program.

8. Rural Women & Extension Education, (Urdu), Editor, published by PARD


9. Nisa-e-yat The Women's World, English & Urdu, Editor and Translator,

PARD, 1998.

10. A Report on Rural Women in Pakistan, 1998, Unpublished.

11. Rural Development in NWFP: Current Issues and Future Challenges, 2000.


1. "The Role of Women in the Farm Household Development in Pakistan: Some

features & Prospects" Journal of Rural Development & Administration

Autumn, 1993 PARD, Peshawar.

2. "Truth and Freedom in Spinoza" Journal of Law and Society, July 1990

Peshawar University.

"The Paradox of self deception" The Pakistan Philosophical Journal,

December 1989.

3. Participatory Education as an Instrument of Change" Development, Change

and Rural Women in Pakistan. 1995, PARD, Peshawar.

4. "Policy void and Rural Women in Pakistan" Journal of Rural Development &

Administration, Winter Vol.XXIX, No.4, 1997.

5. "Human Resource Development in Pakistan" Journal of Rural Development &

Administration, Spring Vol.XXXI, No.4, 1999.

6. "Women & Human Rights" (unpublished) paper presented on UN Day for Human

Rights on December 07, 1998.

7. Women & Human Rights" (unpublished) paper presented on UN Day for Human

Rights on December 07, 1998.

8. Growth, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Resource Management in the

mountain areas of South Asia (unpublished) presented at ICI MOD




1. "Truth & Freedom in Spinoza" 1986 U.S.A.

2. Hume and Buddha on Causality 1987 U.S.A.

3. The Role of Women in Farm 1993 Japan

4. Participatory Education as an 1994 Pakistan Instrument of Change.

5. Skilled based Literacy for Rural 1995 Sweden Women in Pakistan (Part-I).

6. Islam and Planned Parenthood. 1995 Pakistan

7. Skill based literacy for Rural Women in Pakistan (Part-II). 1996


8. Policy Void and Rural Women in 1996 Pakistan

9. The Role of Women in Independence Movement. 1997 Pakistan

10. Women & Human Rights 1998 Pakistan

11. Gender and Development with Reference to Pakistan. 1999 Pakistan

12. Human Resource Development 1999 Pakistan

13. Environment, Ethics and Religion: A Comparative Analysis 1999 Pakistan

14. Feminization of Poverty and GAD. 2000 Pakistan.

15. Growth, Poverty Alleviation & 2000 Nepal Sustainable Resource

Management in the

Mountain Areas of South Asia"

16. Social Mobilization for Participatory Rural 2001 Pakistan Development

and Poverty Alleviation.

17. "Combating Poverty through people 2002 Pakistan participation in

Managing Natural Resources

18. "Engendering Development to Alleviate 2002 Pakistan Poverty".

TRaining Courses Attended

1. Women in Rural Development Environment & Productivity" PARD, Peshawar

in April 1993.

2. Women Leaders in Farm Household Development", Tokyo, Japan: From August

to October 1993.

3. Women in Management' At CENTEK Lulea" Sweden: From March 6 to March 31,

1995, and at Bangkok from Jan, 10 to Jan, 16, 1996.

4. ADP-Project-Cycle Management Course, 1997, PARD, Peshawar.

5. "Orientation to Information Technology Program" 1998, NIPA, Peshawar.

6. Mine Action TOT Program of Crane Field University, U.K. at PARD 2001.

7. Two-day workshop on Gender and Development at NCRD, Islamabad, 2001.

8. "Multiple Intelligence", Workshop at Education Resource & Information

Centre (ERIC), Peshawar (June 2001).


1. Conducted & organized National and International Training Courses on

Women Issues, WID & GAD Sustainable Development, Communication and

Extension, Extension Education Poverty Alleviation, Social Mobilization

School Teachers Training.

2. Organized Coordinated National Conference on "Rural Women as Agents for

Development" as preparation for the 4th World Conference on Women held

in Beijing in September 1995.

3. Organized/Coordinated two National Conferences on "Gender and

Development" one in October 1999 and one in January 2000.

4. Developed/Designed & coordinated a Three-week International Course and

Curriculum module on "Gender and Development" for UNDP for foreign

participants. This course was held at PARD in December 2000.

5. Designed & organized a training course on GAD for the personnel working

under UNHCR Health Program for Afghan Refugees held on September 11-13,


6. Designed & Coordinated a Two-day National Conference on Natural Resource

Management (NRM) 2002 at PARD.

7. Designed & Coordinated Two-day National Seminar on Approaches for

Poverty Reduction at PARD 2002.

8. Designed & Coordinated a Three-day Workshop for Primary School Teachers

Training at PARD, 2002.

9. Designed and conducted a Three-day Workshop on "Child Psychology" at

PARD (February 21-23, 2003).

10. Designed and conducted a Three-day Workshop on content Teaching at PARD

(February 25-28, 2003).

11. Designed and conducted a Two-day Workshop on "Gender Equality and

Issues of Women Empowerment in Pakistan" at PARD.

12. Designed a Curriculum Module & conducted a Three-day Workshop for Non-

Formal Education, for the Street Children of Afghan Refugees at "Terre

Dis Home" a (French NGOs) at Peshawar (August 2-4, 2003).

13. Designed & coordinated a Three-day Training Course on "Feminization

of Poverty & GAD" (August 19-21, 2003).

14. Designed & coordinated a Three-day Training Course on "Appropriate

Tools for Gender Analysis and Participation" (September 9-11, 2003).


1. Member Curriculum design for Green Public School, Shaidu, N.W.F.P.


2. Member of the Provincial Core Group (PCG) for Beijing Follow-up Unit

(NWFP), Pakistan.

3. JICA Alumni Association Pakistan (JAAP), Japan.

4. International Women Net Work (WIM), Sweden.

5. Member Provincial Steering Committee for Environmental Impact Analysis



1. Worked as volunteered mother with the Head start pre-school at Pololo

Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 1987-88. Taught Sunday school at the

Islamic Centre Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 1984-88.

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