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Software Engineer Service

Blue Grass, IA, 52726
January 11, 2015

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Name: Nandakumar Sedhuraman

Skillset: Sr. Java/J*EE

Cell 309-***-****



Programming languages: Java(1.5, 1.6), C, JavaScript

JEE: Jsp, Servlets, EJB, JSTL, JMS, JPA, JNDI, RPC and JDBC, RESTfull and

SOAP based web service

Frameworks/RI providers: Spring

3.2.(web,mvc,transaction,aop,ws,rest,jdbc,jms,orm,batch),Hibernate 4.0,

Struts1.X, Ibatis and RestEasy 2.X.

Tools: Maven 3.0, Ant, Eclipse, Ms TFS,GitHub,IBM RAD, MS VISIO,

log4J, intelliJ, jenkin .SOAP UI and IBM Rfhutil.

Automation/Test: Selenium, Fitness, junit and MockIto

JEE Servers: Websphere, Tomcat 7, Embedded Tomcat and Jboss

DataBase Oracle 11G, SQL Server, My SQL, DB2 and HSQL.

Design Skills OOD, OOA, design pattern implementation and UML.

Others XML, XSD, JAXB, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Jquery, Adobe Flex,

Action script, Jasper reports, Log4J, logback, Apache POI,TOAD, SMTP,data

structures and algorithms

Education Bachelor of engineering(Electronics and Communication),

Bharathidasan university - India.

Summary of Experience:

Over 10+ years of experience in Java/J2EE design and development of

Client/Server, distributed, internet and SMTP based enterprise

applications using OOD for different industry such as mobile, Credit Risk

Portfolio modeling, and Automobile.

Spearheaded the design and development of Java 6, Concurrency framework,

Java Executors, JCF, multi threading, Struts, Spring and Hibernate.

Participated in multiple full life cycles of development projects, such as

Scrum,kanban process.

Extensively worked in developing the applications using Spring, Hibernate,

Struts,Web Services, SOAP, RESTfull and JMS.

Extensive knowledge in full life-cycle (SDLC) of the software development

process including requirements analysis, design, coding, testing and


Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD).

Expertise in designing UML diagrams and designing entity diagrams.

Exposure to Various J2EE Design Patterns and other design principles.

Expertise in design and development of database tables, indexing,

relationship and PL/SQL.

Good analytical, technical, organizational, and communication skills with

high motivation levels.

Worked in different software environments and can easily fit into new

environments if required.

Experience in Test driven development - TDD (Junit, mockIto), quality on

work candidates.

Systems Implemented:

Agriculture Applications: Developed software system which receive

messages from distributed sensor devices across agriculture filed using

mobile terminology and do analysis on data then expose to user.

Manufacturing Systems Applications: Developed system to track issue

management between part supplier and manufacturer, also developed warranty

recovery system.

Financial Systems: Developed system to create credit/investment portfolio

modeling for credit risk analytic team


Client's Name:Jhon Deere Oct-2013 to Till


Role: Sr. Java Developer

Client Location : Illinois, USA

Project Description : Using computer and mobile technology, developed

software system which brings field and weather information data in to co

operator/grower, so based on the data they manage field irrigation and

other details.

Such field related data are soil moisture and wind, solar radiation etc.

The data are time sensitive since users are located across the world.

Responsibilities: Development and testing

Working with an Agile - Scrum kanban methodology

Working in Continuous Integration environment

Developed the application from scratch using Rest, SOAP based Web Service

and JMS.

Responsible for analysis, development and maintenance of current programs

including performance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of problem programs.

Gather and analyze business and functional requirements, and translate

requirements into technical specifications for robust, scalable,

supportable solutions that work well within the overall system


Tuned SQL statements, Hibernate mapping, and Websphere application server

to improve performance, and consequently met the SLAs.

Using Hibernate as the ORM tool to be able to integrate the software with

the Oracle database back end.

JPA specifications and Hibernate as a persistence provider.

JAXB to convert the XML request Message into Java Objects and response into


TortoiseHG Mercurial 2.4.1 to check-in / check-out the code in central


Spring MVC for Controller Component and request mapping.

Using Spring for Component scan, AOP Advice for service layer.

Logback used for Logger information.

Using RFHUtil 7 to send the Message to Device Management for Testing.

Using HSQLDB as In Memory database for integration and unit testing.

Using JUnit 4.11 for writing development test cases.

Using Maven for building and applications.

Using IAF Deployment for Deploying the Project EAR on DEV, QUAL, and CERT


Using DB2 Database and Toad as an editor for Database queries.

Using AppDynamics for performance testing of JVM'S.

Used Toad 5.1 as editor for DB2.

Development using Java 1.6, Web Services, IBM RAD 8, Websphere 7.1.

Environment: Java 1.6, Spring 3.2, JPA 2X, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, XML, JMS,

Json,Maven,Jenkins, IntelliJi,Mercurial version control, IRAD editor,

Junit,MockIto, Selenium, fitness test,SMTP, AppDynamics, Rally story

tracking,sonar and cobertura code coverage, sonar, GitHub version

control, memcache, extremeScale.

Client's Name:AIG Insurance Jan-2012 -


Role: Module Lead

Responsibilities: Development and testing.

Client Location : Newyork, USA

Project Description: Credit portfolio modeling

Deriving ultimate Counter-party of the security based on counter-party


Deriving entity type of counter-party when the party belong to different

asset class .

Deriving the probability of default of the security(PD) based on its

ratings provided by MOODYS, FITCH, S&P and Internal ratings by AIG .

Rsquare calculation of counter-party.

Loss given default(LGD) calculation of security.

Derivation of industry weight of the party.

Exclusion of instruments from portfolio based on rule provided by Credit

Analyst .

The credit portfolio is constructed with derived attributes and then

finally the portfolio pushed to

moody s Risk frontier tool where analyst simulates there scenario or risk

or stress testing.

Environment: Java 1.6, Spring 2.5.6 (DI, AOP, batch and IBatis

integration), IBatis-ORM, Apache POI, Java Executor Frame work, XML,

JAXB, Java Design patterns,Windows/Unix,Ant, Web sphere 7.0, TFS, IBM

IRAD, Adobe Flex and Action script.

Client's Name:AIG Insurance Sep-2010 -


Role: Module Lead

Client Location : New york, USA

Project Description: Shared data plotform.

Shared Data Platform (SDP) is designed to serve this purpose. Currently,

ERM's FAME system captures a time series data from a set of key vendors,

such as Bloomberg, Risk Matrices, MarkIT, it is very difficult to have

regular "relational" data to be added that platform. SDP will compensate

FAME by storing many irregular data sources, keep many

The goals of SDP are

To source external data which are needed for ERM business activities,

including some not easily available data, such as non-structured web page,

PDF files, etc

To maintain a consistent data processing mechanism, so the result set data

is reliable and

To maintain a consistent data definition and avoid confusion when certain

data sets are quoted.

A unique service to process the request which comes to get data from SDP in

the form of xml.

The java component works as service in Unix box to handle downstream

application request, the request and response are in terms of xml.

Responsibilities: Development and testing.

Assisted in requirement analysis and design phase. High level of

interaction with the SMEs and Business Analysts

Design, develop, code, test.

Involved in High Level Design.

Analysis and resolution of issues identified during internal testing and

issues found by customers. Prioritizing the issues and passing information

to the offshore team for fixing the issues.

Involved Onshore/Offshore team coordination, planning, knowledge transfer

both technical and business oriented.

Coding the common utility java classes

Responsible for design documentations, code reviews, performance

improvements and presentation.

Trouble shooting and technical guidance to the team

Prepared application prototypes and functional specifications for user


Review and Fix the bugs raised the Business Analysts, Testers.

Environment: Java 6, XML, XSD, Java Executor frame work, Oracle 10

G,PL/SQL, Unix scripting.

Client's Name:Chrysler Aug-2008 - Aug-


Role: Software engineer

Client Location : Michigan, USA (worked from offshore)

Project Description: Electronic issue management

Electronic Corporate Issue Management System (eCIMS) is a single standard

issue management business process within Chrysler group. External Suppliers

and Chrysler employees can use this application. Main users are P& S

(Procurement and Supply).

Responsibilities: Development and testing.

Enhancements of features using Enterprise beans / Data Access Objects /

Entity Beans/Struts framework.

Analysis / Documentation / Code reviews of my module.

Provided support and bug-fixing by handling the 'change requests'.

Provided support to the project at UAT(User Acceptance Testing) and

Production stage.

Developed JUnit test cases.

Prepared design documentations

Developed JSP pages using Struts Framework(Front end requirement).

Written Business Delegate classes.

Developed Data Transfer Objects.

Handled Performance issues.

Created Service Locator pattern .

Provided solutions for complex issues raised while doing enhancements.

Environment: Struts, JSP, Servlets, Spring, EJB, WebSphere, DB2, Hibernate, Spring(MVC, DI), web service SOAP and Swing.

Client's Name:1800flowers Feb-2008 -


Role: Software engineer

Client Location : USA (worked from offshore)

Project Description:

Enhancement work on consumer site application for

corporate users with new requirement such as their payment method will be

different and etc.

Responsibilities: Development and testing.

Environment: Struts MVC, JSP, Servlet, Spring, EJB, Web Sphere, DB2,

Hibernate, Struts validation framework, XML, XSD.

Client's Name:AllState Insurance Mar-

2007- Feb-2008

Role: Software engineer

Client location : USA (worked from offshore)

Project Description:

Entitlement Engine is a rule based engine which provides authorization

(Fine grained and coarse grained.) for the portal user based on the rule

that is created assigned to portal users. The engine was developed for

Allstate Insurance Company (USA), The Customer having their portal

applications for their agency services. Agency Manager, Staff, Support

users they are all users of the portal application.

For the above users the rule will be assigned, based on the rule result

the resources 'Page', 'Portlet', 'Product Details ', 'Field Resources

' would be displayed

Once the user login to portal application the rule engine would be

invoked with a input of user Object and resources, the engine evaluates

that the user satisfying the rule for the given resource if rule satisfies

the engine would reply as 'TRUE ' the corresponding resource will be

shown to user.

Responsibilities: Development and testing.

Environment: Struts MVC, JSP, Servlet, Web Sphere, SQL Server, Struts

validation framework.

Client's Name:Harshini software system Dec-

2004- Mar-2007

Role: Software Developer

Client Location :INDIA

Project Description: Online Management System

This application is specifically developed for the paper manufacturing

industries. This includes the following functionalists. This keeps indent

details (customer orders), stock entry details, invoice details and

production planning, bar-coding generation for each produced products,

different types of FORM collections for invoice calculations. Here when

customer ordering time itself that they can able to get delivery date which

is achieved by production planning module. Here the application covered

almost what are reports needful for customers and also for paper industry,

we have used iReport1.2.5 tool for development purpose, when customer

ordering time itself that they can able to get report on web. only customer

using module will be available on web server the remaining are to keep on

their local server

Responsibilities: Development and testing.

Environment: Struts MVC, JSP, Servlet, Tomcat web server, My SQL, Struts

validation framework, Reporting tool,Java 4,NetBeans java editor.

Education Details : Bachelor of Engineering(electronics and communication

engineering), Bharadithasan university, INDIA.

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