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Software Developer Quality Control

La Jolla, California, 92037, United States
December 07, 2012

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Jonathan BenDor **** Caminito Eastbluff #**. La Jolla, CA. 92037

home: 858-***-**** mobile: 858-***-****


0. Extensive hands-on experience developing software and firmware for a

broad variety of application domains, including: Medical Devices, Genomic

and Life-Sciences Instruments, Bio-Informatics Utilities, Projectile

Target Tracking, Telemetry, Images capture and analysis, Android-based

Smartphones and Tablets, Audio/Video Transport, Military handheld devices,

Motion Control, Sensors data capture and processing, Communication

protocols over TCP/IP, RS232, I2C, USB, and more.

1. Experienced creating real-time multi-threaded software and firmware,

efficient algorithms, and user-friendly GUI.

2. Experienced with contemporary tools, including: Visual Studio with .NET,

Eclipse, Netbeans, MatLab.

3. Experienced developing applications for Windows, Linux, and embedded

platforms (WinCE, uC/OS, VxWorks).

4. Experienced developing and debugging with C, C++, C#, Java, Assemblers

(8051, x86, ARM, TMS320, MSP-430).

5. History of technical excellence, productivity, creativity, teamwork, and

projects completion on schedule/budget.

6. U.S. Citizen with advanced academic education, including: B.Sc.

Mathematics, M.Sc. Computer Science.


GoPro Inc. (2012) Software Developer, Consultant

0. Hero-HD2 Camera - Created RTSP service application in "C/C++" (for

Windows and Linux) to filter and transport H264 video received from the

camera. Created Android native libraries to decode H264 video into YUV

data and to convert YUV to RGB. Developed features for an Android

application to display live video received from the camera.

Duncan Parking Systems Inc. (2012) Software Developer, Consultant

0. Liberty Meters - Developed real-time firmware in "C" using the Code-

Composer-Studio IDE for an MSP430-based board to support wireless

communication between parking meters and remote servers.

IP Video Networks Inc. (2011) Software Developer, Consultant

1. vCortex - Added features and fixed bugs in software for analyzing the

quality of (MPEG,AVC) video streams. Used C# and VS2010 for the vCortex

Windows application. Used C++ for the algorithms that performed the

frame-by-frame analysis.

Android Projects. (2010-2011) Software Developer, Consultant

0. Remote-Sensor-Monitor - Created components of Android Tablet application

which received data from remote sensors, detected alarm conditions, and

sent alert messages to a target phone via a web-service using a REST

protocol. Created native Linux library which allowed the application to

read sensor data (e.g. door-open/shut) from an RF receiver attached at a

USB port.

1. WiFi-Network-Monitor - Created Android Smartphone application which

obtained data about current WiFi connection and available nodes, sent

reports to remote database service, and received regional WiFi network

information from the server. Created (using Netbeans and Java) a

prototype server application on PC running Windows or Linux, and

prototype MySQL database.

Accumetrics Corp. (2009-2010) Software Developer, Consultant

2. Blood-Platelets-Analyzer - Created software and firmware for a new

medical instrument using ARM-9 and ARM-7 processors. Customized a board

support package (BSP) based on Windows-CE-6. Created components of

instrument's WinCE application. Created software (VS2008, C#, C++, MFC)

for user-friendly editing of assay parameters and for offline analysis

of assay data.

CHI Systems Inc. (2009) Software Developer, Consultant

3. GPS-Navigation - Created software and firmware interfaces to commercial

and military GPS devices. Created mid-level components to provide

navigation services by communicating over RS232 and USB channels.

Software was created (with C++) for both Windows and Linux. Prototype

system testing was performed on a security-enhanced Linux platform.

Prototype was ported to an embedded platform with the Micrium uC/OS

running an ARM-9 processor on an ATMEL board.

Invitrogen Corporation (2008) Software Developer, Consultant

4. DYNAL-Fluidics-Control - Created embedded firmware for an interactive

instrument controlling valves for micro-fluidics assays. The device used

an ATMEL board with an ARM-9 processor and the MICRIUM kernel uC/OS-II.

The real-time firmware was developed using IAR's EWARM toolset. Also

designed and created a Windows-based application and supporting

libraries using C# and .NET allowing users to create assay scripts for

the device and to communicate with the device via RS232.

American Technology Corporation (2008) Software Developer, Consultant

0. LRAD-System-Control - Created a GUI-rich application and supporting

libraries using C# and .NET to monitor and control the following devices

in a system used for security enforcement: LRAD audio amplifier,

Pan/Tilt unit, MAXABEAM spot lamp, BARIX audio streamer, SONY video

camera, AXIS video Server, and Direct-X for audio/video playback.

Wintriss Engineering. (1999-2008) Software Developer, Consultant

1. Launched-Projectiles-Tracking - Designed and developed using C++/MFC

several software components for an embedded WinXP-based system for

detecting and tracking fast moving projectiles during their first few

milliseconds of motion. The instrument combined a camera, flash strobes,

radar, audio sensors, temperature sensors, and spatial alignment

sensors. My contribution to this project included: a DCOM server

providing database capabilities to local and remote clients; an image

analysis and management subsystem, a trajectory analysis and rotation

analysis subsystem and supporting mathematical components, a calibration

subsystem for measuring and correcting optical distortions, and several

graphical user interface components some of which were implemented with

C# and .NET. Also ported this software for a miniaturized device with

similar capabilities using the TMS320-DM6437 chip. Also created

applications and libraries in C# and .NET for camera focusing and

calibration, device diagnostics, and shots analysis.

2. DMS - Designed, implemented, and documented DMS, a Windows-9X/2K/NT

application used in an automated vision system for quality control of

tiles on an industrial production line. The program performed real-time

analysis of monochrome images, detected edges of tiles against

background while allowing for shift and rotation, computed dimensions

based on a library of calibrated information, determined which tiles

should be rejected, and provided statistical reports of inspected tiles.

Talon Communications Inc. (2008) Software Developer, Consultant

0. NAND-Flash-Archive - Created firmware for the NAND-Flash archiving

subsystem of an instrument that collected data from sensors measuring

and monitoring vital signs. The device used an ATMEL board with an ARM-7

processor. The real-time firmware was developed using IAR's EWARM


Digital Force Technologies Corporation (2007) Software Developer,


3. D.R.O.P - Created software and firmware for a remotely-controlled device

with image-capture and motion-detection sensors. The software was WinCE-

based, and was implemented in C++ using VS-2005 with MFC. The firmware

was created using WinAVR toolset for the AT-MEGA8 chip (ATMEL) that

served as a low-power watchdog and communicated with the main device via


Nanogen, Inc. (2003-2007) Software Developer, Consultant

4. NGI-IPL - Created an image manipulation and analysis library for the

company's newest lab-on-a-chip instrument. Used C# and .NET for

implementing the image manipulation functions, and for wrapping the

C/C++ implementation of legacy image analysis functions. Used C# (.NET)

to develop a user-friendly standalone test tool for verifying the IPL.

5. Chip-Calibration/Inspection - Created C# (.NET) software for thermal-

calibration & production quality control of DNA chips.

6. Chip-Conductivity-Tester - Created C# (.NET) software for production

quality control of electrical conductivity of DNA chips.

7. Cartridge-Assembly-Tester - Created C# (.NET) software for production

quality control of deliverable DNA cartridges.

Axiom Biotechnologies Inc. (2001-2002) Software Developer,


Designed/Implemented enhancements for real-time software in fluorometer-

based instruments for high throughput pharmaceutical screening.

Designed/Implemented real-time data-acquisition and signal-processing

Windows based software for a prototype flow-cytometer. Created conceptual

design of embedded system for a microfluidics-based flow-cytometer.

Participated in the Patents/IP group and the Database/Bioinformatics

group. The company dissolved in 9/2002 after takeover.

Illumina, Inc. (1999-2001) Senior Software Engineer/Scientist

Actively involved in research and development of image processing

software to detect microscopic spheres, which were coated with

fluorescent biochemical sensors and seated in microscopic wells, which

were etched in tips of fiber-optic bundles. Responsible for developing

software to control image capture devices, and creating efficient

algorithms to detect optical features in high resolution monochrome

images. Designed, implemented, and documented FiberWorks, an image

processing application running on Windows-2K/9X/NT. Used Microsoft Visual-

Studio, MFC, C++ to develop and debug this application. Used Microsoft

Source-Safe for configuration control. Developed instrument control

software in C++ and Java, using Java-Native-Interface (JNI) to

communicate with low level DLLs. Developed LabView and MatLab software to

provide a graphical user interface (GUI) to control the initial prototype

of a chemical vapors detection instrument. Developed MatLab software for

statistical analysis (regression/correlation/clustering) of data derived

from image sequences captured by this instrument.

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