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Quality Manager

Strongsville, OH, 44136
August 27, 2012

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Edgar A. Secrest ***** Bishop Ln., Strongsville OH 44136

Cell: 440-***-**** Home: 440-***-****




. Global manufacturing and supplier management experience in diverse

manufacturing verticals: Healthcare, Plastics, Aerospace, and Retail

Merchandising Fixtures and Components.

. Proven history of developing and leading domestic and global

manufacturing suppliers to increased profits, improved customer

satisfaction, reduced defects / downtime, and passing internal /

external audits.

. Specializing in the development and implementation of operational

decision making systems and procedures for global and domestic supply

partners across all operational areas.

. Proven understanding of manufacturing, operations, finance, and

marketing. Effective team - building across the entire supply chain

operations. Especially qualified to immediately develop and grow Asian


. Areas of Expertise: Quality Management, Operations Management,

Engineering Management, and Project Management.

. PERTINENT POSITIONS: Global Quality Management / Development,

Manufacturing Management

. PERTINENT INDUSTRIES: Any manufacturer that has (or desires to have)

effective global operations


. 1991: E.M.B.A. Operations Management (4.0 GPA) Baldwin Wallace


o Participated in a management study group to Japan

. 1988: B.S.E.T. Electronic Engineering Technology, University of Akron

. Associate Degrees in Manufacturing Engineering and Computer Science,

University of Akron

. Project Management Methodology, Malcolm Baldrige, Customer

Satisfaction, Procurement Quality, Manufacturing for Productivity,

Excellence in Manufacturing

. Certified Senior ISO Auditor (IQS) and Certified Quality Auditor (CQA)

. Patent in Quality Sampling methods, and Speaker at ASQC Conference in

Supplier/Customer Partnerships

. Quality Systems Development (ISO, QS, FDA, TQM)

. LEAN Training & Workshops

. Project Management Certificate, Kent State University


11/04 - Present

FFR-DSI, INC. Twinsburg, Ohio

Founded in 1962 and recognized industry-wide for outstanding customer

service, FFR-DSI is a leading supplier of high-impact merchandising

systems and accessories to all retailing segments, including: brand

marketers, agencies, display companies, printers, supermarkets and other

food retailing formats. FFR-DSI is privately held with sales of $170

million, designing and engineering products utilizing various materials

including extruded, molded and vacuum formed plastic, and a broad range

of metal formed parts. Manufacturing of the products and components is

contracted to various suppliers in North America and Asia combined with

final assembly and pack out in-house.

Director of Production, Quality & Safety reporting to Sr. Vice President

of Operations

Production Responsibilities (added 7/09)

Responsible for local in-house operation for kitting, cutting,

bagging, and simple and complex product assemblies

Direct reports: Production Manager, Master Scheduling Manager,

Production Planner

Indirect reports: 35 Fulltime, 25-55 temporaries

Key Initiatives

o Implemented budgeting changes, new overhead rates methodology, and

activity based costing approach to improve decision making,

resulting in 14% overhead reduction over last 18 months

o Deployed modified staffing and supervision model resulting in a

reduction of 2 FTEs

o Introduced "Training Path" to provide supervisors personal growth

and advancement opportunities

o Lean Initiatives implemented for outsourced products resulting in

$450k in work being brought back in house for a saving of $36k,

plus 4% overhead reduction

o Process analysis performed on picking/packaging operations resulted

in 25% of work load to be shifted to a "Quick Turn Station",

reducing turn time by 67%, and increasing remaining work's

productivity by 12% overall

o Quoting system revised to allow better analysis of costs, win/loss,

and scheduling

Quality Responsibilities (2 U.S., 2 Asia locations)

Responsible for overall development and operation of Quality

Management Systems

Direct reports: Senior Quality Coordinator, 1 Asia Manager, 5 Quality

Engineers, 2 Quality Technicians

Indirect reports: 8 Fulltime, 3-8 temporaries

Key Initiatives

o Implemented system and set corporate quality metrics and goals for

the organization, plus performance tracking for monthly management


o Introduced the use of Lean/Six Sigma tools and methods in team

activities and business problem solving

o Partnered with non-manufacturing leadership (customer service,

engineering, sales centers) to drive functional quality system


o Developed a Quality department to support new internal structure

and Supplier monitoring and certification

. Hired entirely new staff from Senior QA, to shop floor support

. All personnel received 3rd party training/certifications for

optimum performance

o Worked with Sales on Customer quality requirements and built

structure to meet their expectations reducing customer non-

compliance from 1.66% to <0.3%:

. Standardized internal documentation and Customer conformance

requirements sheets

. Implemented online CCAR (Customer Corrective Action report) for

Customer service to log all problems into system for review,

action taken, and follow-up monitored

. System, design, and communication updated and personnel trained

. Instituted a disciplined approach for data analysis by process,

product, and customer

o Deployed overall Quality Management System for ISO9001 compliance

. On-line documentation, drawings, and data based statistical

analysis of defects for process monitoring

. Customer conformance requirements sheets utilized in online


. Quality Control Procedures, drawing level documentation

detailing the drawings' key areas of focus to the suppliers and


. Standardized test methods, for formal training and structured

data for analysis

. Audit inputs with SPC collection and analysis, real time world


. Supplier rating system for measuring performance per quarter by

category and overall. Allowed measurements of Quality,

delivery, Site review, COQ adjustments ($ spent for additional

reviews, adjustment)

Supplier Responsibilities

Responsible for deployment and on-going management of Quality

Management Systems with 150+ external contract suppliers in Asia,

Canada, Mexico and US

Commodities include, Plastics (extrusion, molding, vacuum forming, and

heat forming), Metal forming (various materials), Coatings (Powder

Coating, Anodize, Paint)

Key Initiatives

o Established quality structure for Asians suppliers, (communication,

project monitoring, and periodic assessments)

o Built system to capture the receiving audits for measurement of

Suppliers' quality

. Software written to flag product coming in door for Quality

review based on 180 day window of part/supplier history,

internal rejections, and customer complaints

. All audits performed to QCP (Quality Control Plans) for standard

review and analysis by process (Six sigma)

o Directed the generation of the Supplier Requirements Manual, which

defined all requirements

. General Specifications (Supplier Approval, Tooling Controls,

Sourcing Process & Requirements)

. Packaging Specifications (Packaging Requirements, Product

Preservation, Routing Requirements)

. Quality Specifications (Product Standards and Specifications,

Product Acceptance, Supplier Performance Rating, Supplier Portal


o Built a site survey system for measuring the supplier's capability

based on commodity

o Built supplier rating system based on received product, site

survey, Cost of Quality, and Management/Tech support scores. This

information is used by sourcing for rating suppliers and future

buying trends

o Built a web based Supplier Portal which allows the supplier to

enter a password protected area, and:

. Download latest drawings/product specifications for his open


. Download Quality Control Plans for auditing the product before


. PPAP forms for new submissions

. Labels for marking product properly for our receiving department

or customer requirements

Building and Safety

Direct reports: Maintenance Supervisor

Indirect reports: 2 Fulltime, 1 temporary

Key Initiatives

o Worked on Corporate Safety awareness program, including formalized

training programs of distribution personnel, office personnel and

3rd party reviews

. Reduced lost time incidents by 23%

. Full 3rd party compliance in safety, security, and fire codes

o PM program instituted for warehouse, production, and building

Senior Management Support

o Championed corporate initiatives by starting an FFr-DSI Director

Board, which is comprised of key Directors throughout company, and

is tasked with corporate review of large corporate projects. The

group handles the project management from start to finish

. Rollout of new warehouse management system

. Corporate wide Customer labeling compliance system

. Several strategic processes refined through Lean Methodology

11/03 to 11/04

International Sources, Inc. Oakwood Village, Ohio

International Sources is a privately held company which acts as a

Supplier Management Chain Director for overseas parts sourcing, producing

and quality/process monitoring to reduce the Customer's bottom line.

Quality Manager

o Developed data based system to achieve ISO9001 by December 2004 (12

months), utilizing on-line documentation, drawings, and data based

statistical analysis of defects for process monitoring

o Established Supplier Quality Management function overseas, reducing

defective product to < 2% by:

. On site supplier process reviews and recommendations and data

analysis of process controls

. Development of systems for online data, (i.e. Uniform auditing

standards, tech specs.) in China

. Hiring of Asia Quality Manager, Engineers, and inspectors to

monitor suppliers, work with suppliers on APQP, PPAP, Control

Plans, and FMEAs

o Responsible for establishing and maintaining Quality personnel

reviews and training processes for proper implementation of quality

control both internally and externally

o Worked with Customer on quality requirements for new/existing


o Business strategies for ongoing improvements and cost reduction

07/98 - 9/03


Osterland Company is a privately held company that makes and distributes

asphalt for the construction industry. It is considered one of the best

local companies in material design, manufacturing, and installation of

asphalt material.

Manager Quality, Operations Support

o Total responsibility for the implementation and support of the

Quality Systems and Information Systems

o Directed and trained the 5 Quality staff

o Material Test lab certified to ASSHTO (ISO 25) standards, utilizing

internally developed systems and quality training, a first in

Northern Ohio

o Responsible for budgeting, planning, and training of systems.

Implemented several systems including an internal client/server

based Activity Based Costing job costing system from estimating to

corporate tools for review and actions Saved well over $50,000

annually by instituting key planning, scheduling, and JTD analysis

information. Part of the system was an internet/web based field

review and data input for time sensitive information.

o Interact with manufacturing plant to resolve system and Quality

issues, internally or customer related.

6/95 - 07/98

RESOLUTIONS INC, Strongsville Ohio

Resolutions is a consulting company assisting small companies to

implement quality systems.

Quality Systems Consultant

o Client project management support for the design and implementation

of Quality Management Systems, training and compliance to their

industry standards (ISO, QS, FDA, GMP)

o Developed and patented client/server based software for the Quality

Management Systems (ISO/QS)

o Startup Project Consultant to Bridgestone/Firestone division (CSP)

on design and implementation of a Quality Management System to

integrate customer requirements throughout their facility (QS)

6/91 - 6/95


Plastic Components was a privately held company that does injection

molding for the automotive, home health care, and appliance industries.

Quality Manager

o Total responsibility for the implementation and support of the

Quality Systems and Information Systems.

o Direct and trained 18 salary/hourly employees while upgraded Q.C.

operations, policies, and procedures.

o Developed the systems to achieve Certified Customer Status for JIT

shipping to Fortune 500 customers. (Targets of Excellence, Started

ISO conformance).

o Achieved Several Customer Quality Certifications utilizing

statistical means (PPM, SPC), process analysis (cause/effect,

Control Plans) along with various software packages

o In a series of manufacturing, technical, and procurement projects,

instituted various management techniques: improved production

quality, cut costs, reduced inventory, and established on-time


3/88 - 6/91


Invacare was a $230 million manufacturer of medical rehab equipment,

specializing in power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, respiratory

products, etc.

Senior Quality Engineer

o Responsibility included developing internal standards/controls and

supporting the product engineering and manufacturing Function

o Q.A. operations were upgraded with new standards, policies, and

procedures for internal auditing (TQM/FDA)

o Developed Quality systems to monitor processes and analyze data

through internally developed Quality software system

o Worked with shop floor on process improvement teams

o Supplier Quality Engineer

o Responsibility included developing Supplier and internal

standards/controls toward on-going improvement of all purchased

($36M) materials. This included developing and implementing a

supplier certification program

o Worked with Suppliers, both local and international, to develop

quality plans to reduce quality costs and achieve JIT status

through defect analysis, process analysis, and process standards


LORAL Systems Group Akron Ohio (FKA Goodyear Aerospace Corp)

Loral System was a defense industry/aerospace based supplier to the


Project Product Quality Engineer, Material Review Board (MRB), Quality


o Responsibility included developing and maintaining nonconforming

material control (Material Review Board) to Government standards.

o Project Product Quality engineer on electrical and mechanical based

contracts, and supervisor over Union Quality department

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