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Manager Engineer

Sharon, MA, 02067
August 07, 2012

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Simon Edelhaus - Engineering Executive

** ******** *** 846 Sevely Drv.

Sharon MA 02067 781-***-**** Mountain View CA



. 19 years of software and systems architecture development.

o Strong expertise in complex, scalable, systems in Mobile, Telco,

Cloud, Consumer and Enterprise.

o Broad knowledge of protocols, architectures, modules, chipsets,

performance, reliability and security.

o Mastery of major industry trends, technologies, standards and


. 12 years of technical leadership.

o Initiating and leading projects from concept, through definitions,

architecture, staffing and tool selection.

o Supervising project implementation, agile development methodology,

testing, and release management. Delivering products on time with high

quality, supporting revenue from shipments and services.

o Cross functional management - Software, Hardware, Systems, QA and

Support teams.

. Superb resource management skills.

o Recruiting and building teams, planning logistics, resource loading,

activities and budgets.

o Strong personal leadership - motivating to achieve common vision,

building atmosphere of cooperation and challenge, setting clear goals

and expectations.

o Always optimizing team dynamics, getting max output in any given


o Vast multinational experience - simultaneously built and managed

several project teams, at multiple locations in India, China and


o Working closely with key engineering partners worldwide, both for

joint development and outsourcing.

. Very confident customer interaction.

o Effectively representing company to customer's engineering, marketing

and management teams.

o Very good at face to face and remote communications with key personnel

and decision makers, able to provide an excellent support experience

for customers.

o Very helpful at pre-sale and post-sale interactions, identifying

revenue opportunities and capturing them.

o Working closely with lead players in Europe (West and East including

Russia), South East Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan), South Asia

(India, Malaysia, Pakistan), Middle East, North America (US, Canada)

and South America (Brazil, Puerto Rico).

Technical skills:

. Protocols and Architectures:

o TCP/IP, IPv4/6 Dual Stack, Routing/Firewall/NAT, PPP/PPTP/L2TP,

SSL/IPSec, IGMP/MLD Multicast

o QoS, Bridging, Spanning Tree, VLAN, Trunking, Tunneling, GEPON, DBA,


o DES, AES, SHA-1, MD5, RC4, KASUMI, SNOW, Aria, Kerberos, AKA-v1/v2,

Deep Packet Inspection

o 802.11n, MIMO, WMM, Wireless Security, Roaming, AP, Client, Direct,

Hotspot 2.0

o VOIP, Codecs, EC, AEC, Conferencing, Tones, DTMF, PBX/Asterisk,


o Fixed Mobile, 3GPP Rel 10, HSPA, CDMA, LTE, IMS, OMA-DM, UE and

eNodeB, TDD and FDD

o ADSL, VDSL, HDSL, SHDSL, SDSL,, G.vector, Ethernet, USB, PCI,


o SNMP, Java/OSGi, UPnP/DLNA, TR-64, TR-69/104/106, BB & HGI Forum

Specs, M2M management


ISDN/Q.921/Q.931, Frame Relay

o H.264, H.265, RTSP, DASH, AMR-WB, AAC+, SILK, SPEEX, Skype, Video

Conferencing MCU

o Cloud computing - Open Stack, Ubuntu - studying and developing

concepts as a hobby in the last 2 years

Programming Languages:

. C++, C, Pascal, Various Assemblers, Various NP Languages, TCL, Matlab,


Hardware Architectures:

. 8051, 680xx, PPC, MIPS, ARM, Tensilica Xtensa, Adapteva, ARC, Network

Processors (Agere PP, Intel IXP), Application Processors, ATM and

Ethernet Switches, SONET/SDH/T1/E1 framers, HDLC controllers,

SLIC/SLAC/CODEC, XDSL and PON chipsets, ASICs and FPGAs, 3G/4G Mobile

Modem chips, Multicore, Manycore, AMC, ATCA

Operating Systems and Environments:

. VxWorks, PSOS+, RTEMS, QNX, Proprietary Schedulers, Windows, UNIX,

Linux, Android

Software Development Tools:

. Source Control systems (CVS, VSS, SVN, Git), Visual Studio, Emacs,

Source Insight, GCC, Multiple Debuggers and Emulators, Coverity, Bug

Tracking systems (Team Track, Scopus, Bugzilla, Redmine)

Project Planning and Tracking tools:

. MS Project, Power Point, Visio, Mind Manager, Crystal Reports,

Agile/Scrum charts

Career Path:

TranSwitch ( Centillium ) Fremont, CA Senior Director of

Engineering / Chief Software Architect

10/2002 - Present

. Transwitch is a fabless semiconductor company involved in the Telecom

and Consumer Electronics market segments. It supplies chipsets,

hardware, reference designs, stacks and custom software development

services to customers worldwide such as - ALU, Ericson, Samsung, Sony,

Nokia, NEC, SEI, Fujitsu, Huawei, ZTE, Foxconn, WNC, Hitachi and

others. In 2008 Centillium and TranSwitch Corporation merged.

. As a Senior Director of Engineering, I manage software and platform

deliverables in all the segments of the company's business. Reporting

to me are teams - in California (Fremont) and offshore in India

(Bangalore, Delhi and Pune), in addition to multiple consulting

projects worldwide. Total of 2 managers, 3 team leads and 70+

engineers. In my role as a Customer Support and Program Management

Lead - I guide the HW reference designs, QA, Systems and Customer FAE

teams via a matrix reporting structure.

. Brought to production and customer shipment a total of 10 Centillium

chipset families - "Maximus2" ADSL2+ CO chipset, "Palladia" ADSL2+ CPE

chipset, "Arion" VDSL2 CO and CPE chipsets, "Atlanta (A100 / P400 /

A2000)" Residential Gateway chipsets, "Entropia E3C" IMS and PBX on a

Chip, and "Mustang (ME300 / ME350)" GEPON chipsets. All chipset

families are Multicore combining multiple CPUs, NPs and DSPs.

. For these achievements which were responsible for more than 75% of the

company's revenue and in recognition of my exceptional performance, I

have been promoted from Senior Manager to Senior Director to Chief

Software Architect within a span of 7 years. Currently I am considered

to be one of the key engineering personnel in the company.

. Personally recruited and set up the first software group for

"Centillium Private Limited", in Bangalore India. Gained extensive

experience managing multiple offshore teams in delivering on time,

quality software. In parallel, trained and enhanced the software

groups in "Centillium California" and was able to achieve a full

cohesion and maximum collaboration between the teams in delivering the


. My management style in both Transwitch and with previous employers has

always consisted of giving developers clear, properly communicated,

ambitious but achievable goals, as well as precise, well defined and

easy to follow development processes and all necessary and relevant

tools to enhance their productivity. I strongly believe in leading by

example and experience, setting the pace, providing positive and

negative feedback, mentoring people, fostering team cooperation and

spirit and reinforcing the faith in themselves and their ability to


. In my first role as the Senior Manager of Software development at

Centillium, I have designed and implemented key portions of the code

base - ATM, DSL, QoS, Packet Header Processor, Security Engine,

Multicore Communication and Forwarding Engine and WLAN. Created and

enhanced most of the code bases for the different products. Introduced

agile software development methodologies based on the concept of Peer

Review, Daily Builds, Continuous QA, Nightly Smoke Tests, etc...

. Tremendously enjoy and spend a significant time providing

architectural guidance in software design and implementation.

Specifically - Driver Development, Chipset Internals, Embedded

Operating Systems, Protocol Design and Development, Application

Development. Acting as the key expert and star trouble shooter for

many challenging implementation and performance problems.

. Providing significant architectural feedback for new chip architecture

definition. Planning, coordinating and facilitating new chip bring up

and verification. Supporting customer applications and deployments in

the pre and post sales stages of the business cycle. Driving feature

roadmaps, preparing feasibility analysis, marketing presentation

materials and customer engagement strategies.

. Working with leading customers and partners globally. ODM/OEMs,

Software and Hardware module vendors, Service providers. Throughout

the years, I have built personal relationships with key engineering

personnel worldwide. Collaborating with key telecom and mobile

providers: NTT, SK Telecom, ATT, Verizon, Free, Deutche Telecomm,

Vodafone, Reliance, Airtel, Skype, Chunghwa Telecom and many others.

Generated tens of millions of dollars in software and services sales

and MSS agreements with key customers.

. In the last 5 years, I have designed and implemented TranSwitch's

family of Wireless Gateways based on 3G, Wimax and LTE. Using the

Atlanta Multicore family developed unique, industry leading Software

Stacks and Patented Intellectual Property for VoLTE, Seamless Voice

and Data Handoff, IMS Media, OMA-DM, LTE QoS (TransMapper), Secure

managed WiFi AAA solution, M2M and Security. Working closely with key

wireless chipset vendors such as Altair, GCT, Sequans, Qualcomm and

module vendors like Sierra Wireless, Novatel, ZTE, Quanta and

Bandrich. Several of the key concepts and software packages were

approved for deployment at Verizon Wireless and Vodafone. Spent a lot

of time with the Mobile Innovation Center personnel of Verizon, ATT,

Sprint, Vodafone, Telecom Italia and others.

. Key leader on TranSwitch's latest chipset family - "HD Call / HD Cam",

a Video and Security chipset platform, supporting Connected TV OTT

Video Streaming, Video Conferencing, HTML5, H.264, H.265, AAC, AMR-

WB+, SILK, SPEEX, Skype, Google Talk, Video Transcoding, DRM, DTCP,

Watermarking, Transcripting and DNLA, based on an advanced new

Multicore DSP architecture and TranSwitch's industry leading HDMI /

USB3.0 Intellectual Property (IP). As part of the project we have

developed jointly with Skype a unique acoustic solution - "Hera Sound)

providing Microphone Beam Forming, Advanced Acoustic EC (with

instantaneous convergence and Stereo Double talk) and mono aural noise


Lucent (Ascend Communications) Westlake Village, CA Principal

Software Engineer / Technical Manager

12/1997 - 09/2002

. The INS Division of Lucent Technologies, formed as the result of the

acquisition of Ascend Communications in 2000, was a significant market

leader in Remote Access equipment. Ashok Dhawan's "Stinger" team

located in Los Angeles, CA has designed and brought to market one of

the most successful DSLAMs at the time, #2 in sales and penetration

only to Alcatel's 7100 family. With annual sales of $1.1B and total

size of only 100 people, our division had enormous success and

popularity in Lucent. Joined the founding team of the division when it

was less than 10 people, and was one of the first three developers to

bring up the Stinger DSLAM and get the first Sprint ION design win in


. Worked on and significantly contributed to most of Ascend's innovative

and industry leading platforms: "Cell Pipe" family of Access Routers,

"MAX-TNT" Access Concentrators, "Stinger" DSLAM, "Terminator" BRAS

server, "IP2000" Network processing IP engine and "MRT" Remote

Terminals. Co-implemented, maintained and enhanced various

communications protocols within Ascend's TAOS including PPP, Tunneling

and Security, Frame Relay and ATM. Maintained and enhanced various

components of the TCP/IP stack, Call Control and internal Call

Routing, ATM switch provisioning and system management. Designed and

implemented drivers for XDSL modem products from industry leading

vendors at the time: Connexant, Alcatel Micro Electronics, Texas

Instruments, Globespan, Analog Devices/Aware, Centillium

Communications and Metalink.

. Managed the LIM (Line Interface Module) software development group

consisting of 8 engineers in Westlake, CA and 6 engineers in

Bangalore, India. Provided leadership and architectural guidance to

developers while simultaneously implementing key software deliverables

and working with other groups internally in Lucent, with vendors and

customers. I was responsible for software, systems bring up and

validation of the Stinger and MRT XDSL line cards.

. As one of the founding and "key" members of the Stinger team was

awarded the prestigious annual Bell Labs prize for outstanding

technical innovation.

. Designed and implemented a Network Processor generic driver, firmware

and resource manager using the Agere "Payload Plus" 2.5 Gig Network

Processor. Developed IGMP IP Multicast support for Triple Play

deployment using the Stinger's IP2000 NP Engine at Saskatel (Canada).

Worked on the architecture and implementation of the next generation,

40 Gig platform - the Eagle, which was brought up and successfully

prototyped and demonstrated to key customers.

. Collaborated with key customers worldwide: Sprint, Telefonica,

Telemex, France Telecomm, Hanaro, KT, NTT, Chunghwa Telecom and

others, on a variety of systems, architecture, deployment and

troubleshooting issues. Spent a significant time traveling and on

conference calls, working closely with hardware and QA teams on

customer deployment scenarios.

Pairgain Technologies Tustin, CA Senior Software Engineer

05/1996 - 11/1997

. Pairgain Technologies was one of the early XDSL pioneers along with

Amati, Aware, Globespan and Brooktree. They sold T1 extenders using

homegrown HDSL technology to all 7 US Bell Companies and were the only

profitable XDSL Company on the market at the time.

. Designed and implemented software for an HDSL based SOHO Bridge/Router

(the Pairgain "Megabit Modem" family of access devices) including HDSL

driver, call management, configuration and maintenance of TCP/IP,

drivers for peripherals (NVRAM, LCD, UART, Pushbuttons, etc

Maintained and enhanced the HDSL drivers including HDSL transceiver

training sequence, PLL component management and HDSL framer


. Conceived, designed and implemented a Rate Adaptive training sequence

that allowed two PairGain devices to train up in less than 2 minutes

to the highest possible rate on a given loop length with a given

margin. The algorithm was first of it's type for this technology in

the industry. Subsequent, (less efficient) algorithm by a competitor

(Brooktree) was awarded multiple patents and generated millions of

dollars in revenue.

. Designed and implemented several innovative management algorithms,

including Telco's Remote Powering of CPE, FXO/FXS POTS channel

transport within an embedded HDSL timeslot, Lifeline POTS fallback

state machine and Doubler (back to back HTU-C + HTU-R) alarm


. Worked closely with the Bell Company "US West" to plan and support the

first viable commercial SDSL deployment in the USA in 1997.

RAD Data Communications Tel-Aviv, Israel Software Engineer

09/1994 - 04/1996

. In the early 90s, along with ECI Telecomm, RAD Data Communications was

considered one of the leading Israeli innovators in Telecommunications

and Networking.

. Designed and developed software for a Basic/Primary Rate ISDN TE

daughter card that plugged into several RAD products. The software

included: a B channel driver to take data from the IOM2 bus and

convert it to a transparent or HDLC stream, a TABS based serial

communications protocol for daughter card management as well as an

ISDN Layer1 transceiver management driver.

. Designed and developed a Bonding Class 1 type inverse multiplexing

package synchronizing two B channel data streams into one 128 Kbps

data stream. Ported and integrated the Trillium Digital Systems Q.931

and Q.921 ISDN signaling stack.

. The ISDN TE daughter card was the main ISDN engine for all of RAD's

products. Several leading RAD LAN and WAN products have used it and it

was deployed successfully in Europe, USA, South America and Asia. Was

involved in most aspects of this lifecycle, interacting with QA, Pre

and Post Sales engineers, as well as customers (Deutche Telecomm) on

feature requests and deployment issues.

Tel Aviv University Tel-Aviv, Israel Robotics and AI Lab Manager

03/1993 - 09/1994

. This lab, unique at the time in Tel-Aviv University, was a part of a

national center of Robotic studies.

. Designed and developed software for a mobile autonomous robot equipped

with motion sensing video cameras, an overhead trajectory planning

camera and an ultrasonic proximity sensor.

. Designed and developed Artificial Intelligence based trajectory

planning and Image Processing software.

. Designed and developed M68HC11 drivers for low-level motor control, as

well as parallel port based communications driver with a PC host.

. I was the key person involved in the creation of this Lab, planning,

specifying and purchasing the equipment working with university

administration and managing vendors, initiating and guiding 4th year

Engineering BA students in lab related R&D projects, as well as

teaching several classes and working on my own thesis paper.


Tel Aviv University (Tel-Aviv, Israel) 1993 - 1994

Engineering - Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Classes towards


Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel) 1989 - 1993

Engineering - Robotics, Control Theory and Computer Engineering. B.Sc.

Worked as a contracting software developer for several Israeli firms,

while at school.


. Fluent in Russian, Hebrew and English on a Native Tongue level

. US Citizen, IEEE Member

. 7,720,943 "Communication Device For Obtaining An Application Image Or

Configuration From A Service Provider"

8,149,827 "System and Method For Network Transport Service Relying On

Call Induced Targeted Media"

8,223,951 "System and method for alternate path routing and redundancy

based on cost sensitive network selection"

. Several other pending US patents in the pipeline

. Worked as subject matter expert with litigation patent attorneys and

familiar with patent drafting and analysis.

From Simon Edelhaus' "LinkedIn" Profile:

"Simon is a powerhouse of energy who can be a great business leader

one day. I have worked with him as a business partner for 2+ years and

found him very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Tough technical,

commercial negotiator and a great friend! "

Gopakumar Nair, Manager of Business Development at HCL West

"Simon is a meticulous manager and people working under him will feel

extremely confident on delivering things. He is very technical and the

breadth of his knowledge is amazing. I'm glad to have worked for him."

Vinodh Chandran, Sr. Staff Engineer at Broadcom

"Simon and I have worked together on multiple projects for

Centillium's line of Home Gateways, DSL routers / VOIP gateways. Simon

is a very strong technical manager, and was a key contributor from the

system architecture level down to the device driver / hardware-

software interface level. He is an excellent manager, and is quite

skilled at organizing software development projects, as well as

extracting the most productivity out of his development teams."

Manoj Bhatnagar, Principal Hardware Architect at Qualcomm

"I have worked with Simon for more than 2 years when I was the

Director of Program Management at Centillium Communications. Simon is

a good people manager and at the same time is very technical. Simon is

a straight shooter and is extremely dedicated. He also attacked

problems head on and never cover up problems by sweeping them under

the rug."

Louie Lau, Sr. Principal Program Manager at Broadcom

"Simon is a great manager to work with. He sets an example/role-model

to his team by his consistent hard-work. His technical guidance made

us very productive. He delegates the job effectively, allows the team

members to take the ownership of their work, and brings out the best

from them. He motivates and helps his team-mates to grow in their

carrier. Simon is an articulate speaker. It will be a great pleasure

to work with him again."

Hari Ramakrishnan, Senior Software Manager at SMSC

"Simon is invaluable to my team as the technical evangelist in our

customer engagements. He is also responsible for putting together a

pretty complex application stack for our xDSL and VoIP converged

solutions. Simon is the epitome of professionalism and has a No-

nonsense-get-the-job-done attitude that makes working with him a


Vinay R. Rao, Sr. Manager Field Applications (World Wide) at


"I was working with Simon for long time and know him as an excellent

specialist. His experience, creativity, and efforts were crucial for

Lucent DSLAM project Stinger. As team player, Simon is very honest,

cooperative, and reliable engineer. Together we passed through many

design changes, urgent shipments, and other project crises; and he

always was one of the rescuers. It is just impossible to overestimate

his role in team. And after all he is good person and great friend."

Dmitry Obukhov, Director of Software Engineering at Western Digital

"Simon is an exceptionally competent and talented engineer who is

demanding yet factual and realistic, with a great attitude, no matter

what the circumstances might be. A great person with integrity, wit

and sense of humor, a great technical asset for any team."

Serdar Kiykioglu, Director of Engineering at St. Jude Medical,

Neuromodulation Division

"During my time at PairGain, Simon was one of the very few who really

stood out from the crowd. An uncompromising and dedicated Software

Engineer, Simon deftly balanced hard work and excellent code with a

prescient strategic intuition. Simon was always ensuring that we were

doing the right things, not just doing things right. He was an

excellent role model and a pleasure to work with. I would welcome the

opportunity to work with Simon again."

Benjamin Medvitz, VP of Engineering at InTheAirNet

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