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Management Data

Boston, MA, 02108
August 05, 2012

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**WestlandAvenue,Apt#G**,Boston, MA02115



Masters of Science in Information Systems

May 2013

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Related Courses: Application Engineering and Development, Database

Management, IT Auditing and Assurance, Advances in Database Management,

Data Mining, Advances in Data Integration and Architecture

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics

June 2011

University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India

Related Courses: C++ and JAVA Programming, Microprocessors and

Controllers, Communication and Computer Networks, Computer Organization

and Applications, Digital Image Processing, Study of Calculus &Probability


Languages: C++,Java, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL, JavaScript, JSP-Servet, MySQL,


Assembly Languages: x86assembly, ARM, DSP Processors.

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/2K, MS-DOS

Applications/Tools: Java Netbeans IDE, Ellipse, Oracle10g/11g, SQL Plus,

Matlab, MS Excel, MS Visio, MS Toad, SQL*LOADER, Minitab, My SQL, TIBCO

spotfire, XLMiner, MicroStrategy 9,Qlkview, Talend, SSIS, Pentaho.

Skills: Risk Management, Project Management, Cobit, ISACA, Audit Program



ENERTECH INDIA PVT LTD, India (Engineer Trainee)

August 2010-April 2011

Collaborated with 4 team members to complete a project entitled

"Ultrasonic cleaner & Technology"

Researched optimum cleaning technology and methods for both industrial and

medical applications

Analyzed ultrasonic radiations audits relative technology for precision

cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner

Designed and implemented PCB for the cleaner and developed a model flow in

C++ language


National Vaccine Distribution System for Healthcare Industry

August 2011-December 2011

Developed a business model for Vaccine distribution system

Studied and analyzed the vaccine distribution management system at

different levels including its inventory management and cost effectiveness

Designed a more efficient model for the Vaccine distribution, financial

management, ordering operation and inventory management using JAVA


Project on Mountain View Community Hospital

August 2011-December 2011

Coordinated in a group of 4 to study the logical database design and the

relational model of Mountain view community Hospital case

Used Normalization techniques in designing the relational databases and

developed ER, EER model for the MVCH

Created tables and worked on queries on different situation using the case


Studied the design of various data models and computed various

modifications in Visio

Web-enabled DB interface

January 2012-April 2012

Studying and development of the Enhanced ER model and Business Rules for

MVCH case on enterprise data model

Developing a detailed relational schema for MVCH case and design

in3rdnormal form(3NF)along with analyzing the functional dependencies in

each relation

Developing SQL code that would create the database files corresponding to

the relational schema for the MVCH case and populating the data in

SQL*LOADER and writing a front-end interface using JAVA Ellipse IDE

Project on Advances in Data Integration and Architecture

May 2012-August 2012

Understand Business Intelligence concepts and latest technologies and

trends such as IBM, Jaspersoft, Tibco Spotfire, Qlkview, Salient

Management Company, Data Visualization, "Identify Theft and Credit Card

Fraud" along with outlining the limitations of data set and various data

profiling methodologies

Designed and implemented an ETL platform for streaming/merging data

sources and Developed business reporting solutions using the

Pentaho/Talend open source BI platform.

Develop, evaluate and interpret data to support business intelligence

applications by applying data mining techniques and Enterprise goals in

"Mobile Business Intelligence- MicroStrategy"

Develop familiarity with a variety of data visualization options including

bar/line/pie/bubble/tree map charts/ dashboards/ Hadoop/ big data and key

performance indicator gauges


Awarded scholarship of 50000Rs .By SAKAL INDIA on academic credentials

Specialized Content Tutor for Chemistry, Math and Physics for

undergraduate students at the LEARNING DISABILITY

CENTER at Northeastern University August 2011-present

Volunteered underprivileged children's association name "Aasara"

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