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Project Coordinator, social scientist, Administrator, Program Director

Fresno, California, United States
75000 onwards
September 17, 2013

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Dr. Jasbir S. Lohan


Mobile: 559-***-****

Objectives: Seeking a Management position with an organization where I can

utilize my skills, abilities and experience to improve operations, increase

profitability and enhance growth.

Educational Qualification: Bachelor (3 yrs), Master (2 yrs), M.Phil.

Degree (1 yr) &

Ph.D. Degree (4 yrs) in Psychology

Area of Interest: Clinical & Social Psychology, Organizational

Behavior, Human Motivation, and Research Methodology

Language Known: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu


. Cleared National Level University Grant Commission's Exam (UGC-NET)

for eligibility to teach graduate and post-graduate classes at

college/university level anywhere in India.

. Got International Bursury Award in an International Conference in UAE

for the work on Substance Abuse in 2007.

Title of Ph.D. thesis: A study of Alcoholism in relation to Family

Environment, Negative Cognition,

Hopelessness, and different components of Anxiety and


Research Projects during Master Degree

. To study the personality and social relations of two alcoholic persons

by the method of interview.

. To study the relationship between an individual's organizational

commitment and his perception of organizational climate

. Studied the dimensions of social preference and social impact in

relation to depression among adolescents.

Professional Work Experience

. Worked with C & F Adult Residential Care Services as Administrator in

Galt, California for 6 months.

. Worked as Program Director in South Asian Behavioral Health and

Training Foundation - Non Profit Organization in California.

. Worked as Director (Program) in Manthan-Non Profit Organization and

the Administrative Head of North-West Regional Training Academy of

NGOs at Gurukul, Kurukshetra, Haryana State, India

. As State President, Chandigarh (U. T.) Chapter of Confederation of

NGOs of Rural India (CNRI), National Network of NGOs of Rural India

. Worked as Project Coordinator in Population Research Center, Panjab

University. Chandigarh under Yamuna Action Plan-2 Project supported by

Japan Bank and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

. Worked as Educational Consultant Academics in Indira Gandhi National

Open University, New Delhi.

. Worked as Information Education and Communication (IEC) Specialist at

State Program Management Cell, Dept. of Public Health, Punjab funded

by World Bank from November 6th 2007 to April 24th, 2008.

. Worked as a Research Associate in Tobacco Cessation Clinic, Dept. of

Psychiatry, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research

(PGIMER), Chandigarh supported by WHO from 1st Nov. 2005 to 31st Oct.


. Worked as a Social Scientist in an Indo-US research project funded by

NIH, USA in Dept. of Neurology, PGIMER, Chandigarh from 21stJuly,

2004 to 30th April,2007.

. Worked as Chief Project Coordinator at Gram Goonse Society (GGS) a

research based NGO, from September 1st, 2001 to July 20, 2004.

. Worked as Researcher in UNICEF & Ford Foundation USA sponsored

Research Project at Institute for Development and Communication (IDC),

Chandigarh from January 6th, 2001 to August 31st, 2001.

Work Responsibilities as a whole during various Management Positions:

Management of staff and facility, Designing and finalizations of

staff training, planning, research instruments (Surveys,

Organizing meetings, problem questionnaires, and projective

solving, Business growth, organize techniques).

community related programs, Meet Planning and undertaking field

the targets of organizations etc. investigations and data

Prepared social and attitude collection.

change agents from community. Analyzing data and Report writing.

Need based Policy and strategy

making, financial planning and Preparing Action Plan and organize

budgeting for the effectiveness of health awareness programs,

projects camps, workshops, lectures at

Capacity building and trouble various places like Schools,

shooting exercises to make the Colleges, Industries, Slums, Rural

projects successful. as well as Urban areas and various

Meetings with state and elected public places. (More than 100 work

officials to discuss the future shops, seminars, lectures

plans and current outcomes. organized and delivered)

Worked on sustainable development Radio Talks, newsletter writings,

of the projects. news articles writing, preparing

Organize flyers and other need based

Public-Private-Partnership based education material etc.

community outreach programs Preparing Information Education

Providing Psychological and Communication (IEC) materials.

Assessments, Psychotherapies,

Counseling to the needy persons. Training to volunteers and other

staff members working in the


Distinction: A success Story and my Community Outreach Activities:-

Approximately 1722 persons (reported and submitted to WHO office,

New Delhi) which include 310 students from schools, colleges and

university, 450 daily wage laborers, 550 factory workers including

administrators, 350 children, women and unemployed youth from slums,

12 juvenile delinquent under trials, and 50 school drop out children

below the age of 15, have been sensitized about substance abuse

during community outreach activities.

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, 2007, about 3500 persons

were sensitized during these programs in the city regarding tobacco

abuse and its ill effects on health under my supervision as reported

in the Newspaper Hindustan Times June 5, 2007. 1500 multicolored

wristbands with a message of "Choose Life, Not Tobacco" on it,

distributed in the general public on this occasion.

I have taken the initiative to start campaigning against Tobacco

Abuse among youth as a team leader with other researchers from Post

Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research and acted as

volunteers involving Law Enforcement Agencies like Police, Health

Department and Chandigarh Administration. After spending 3.5 years

in sensitization and awareness programs, we have declared Chandigarh

First "SMOKE-FREE CITY" in India" on 15th July 2007 in association

with Chandigarh administration.

National Membership

. A lifetime member of Indian Association for Social Psychiatry.

. A lifetime member of Indian Association for Child and Adolescent

Mental Health.

Research Projects Undertaken

World Bank

Worked as an Information Education and Communication (IEC)

Specialist in World Bank assisted Rural Water Supply and

Sanitation Project, State Program Management Cell, Dept. of Public

Health, Punjab. As an IEC specialist, my job responsibilities are

to prepare education material regarding ill effects of

contaminated water on health, organizing capacity building

programs and human resource development activities at districts

and state level. Training for the NGOs and District Level

Department Officials and preparing action plan for all the

District Program Management Cells were also the part of my job.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Worked as a Research Associate in Tobacco Cessation Clinic (TCC),

Drug De-addiction and Treatment Center, Deptt. Of Psychiatry,

PGIMER, Chandigarh sponsored by WHO. My duties and

responsibilities were to assess tobacco patients coming to Tobacco

Cessation Clinic and providing Behavioral Intervention in the form

of Motivation Enhancement Therapy and Behavioral Counseling,

maintaining relationship with patients by active follow up through

personal meetings in the field, phone calls and letters, also

maintaining active liaison with local NGO's, Senior Citizens and

Community Leaders for sensitization programmes. Organizing camps,

workshops, lectures and other awareness campaigns in the community

regarding tobacco abuse and its ill effects and finally analysis

of data and report writing were also the part of job.

National Institute Of Health (NIH), U.S.A

Worked as a Social Scientist in an Indo-US project named Marijuana

Abuse: Cognition, Neuroimaging and Endocrines sponsored by NIH,

U.S.A. in the Department of Neurology, Post Graduate Institute of

Medical Education and Research, (PGIMER) Chandigarh. My main

duties were to interact with marijuana abusers in the field

through camps, work shops and lectures in the community,

conducting Psychological Tests and providing Behavioral

Counseling, Motivational Enhancements Therapy, Self-Help Tips to

marijuana abusers and preparing an action plan, strategies for the

effective intervention and prevention. Analysis of data and report

writing were also included in my duties.

Ford Foundation U.S.A.

Worked on a project on prevalence of Substance Abuse in Punjab as

researcher in IDC. The project aimed at conducting in-depth

analysis of the menace of substance abuse especially among youth

and children. The ultimate aim is to evolve family and community

based model for the relief, reintegration of the victims and

develops target oriented prevention and awareness programs. The

existing intervention mechanisms at the State level were also



Prepared a country report on the status of Child Labour in Punjab

as researcher in IDC. An in depth analysis of children working at

countryside hotels, brick kilns and local industries was


Educational Consultant Academics:

My main roles were To Handle students admission, Career guidance

and help students choosing their courses according to their skill

and interests with new market trends and analysis.Problem solving

of students on daily basis, Providing every type of student

support, follow ups with drop-out students, Preparing Students

Action Plan for the whole year, Organizing job fairs at the campus

and help students job placements. managing coordination with

students-teachers and parents, marketing of courses available,

maintenance of students records, handling phone calls and emails,

Preparing campus newsletters for students, Organizing seminars,

workshops inviting dignitaries as a guest speakers for the

motivation of students, Organizing sports events and educational

tours as well as cross cultural events for the students,

Organizing educational talks on radios and articles in newspapers

etc to achieve the student's satisfaction and their course

success,Conduct Exams on semester basis, Managing their results

Confederation of NGOs of Rural India (CNRI)

As State President, Chandigarh (Union Territory) Chapter of CNRI,

National Network of NGOs of Rural India, I was looking after the

State Chapter activities of mobilizing funds, NGO's partnership

and collaboration, promotion of rural health, organizing awareness

camps, workshops on social issues, network with State Departments

and coordination with National Network.

Manthan (A Voluntary Organization Committed for Decentralized Holistic

Development of Rural India)

Worked as Director (Program) in Manthan and the Administrative

Head of North-West Regional Training Academy of NGOs at Gurukul,

Kurukshetra, Haryana State. As a director, I was looking after

various developmental projects being implemented by MANTHAN with

financial support of Council for Advancement of People's Action

and Rural Technology (CAPART) & Dept. of Science & Technology,

Development Commissioner, New Delhi etc. Conducting training and

orientation programs for NGOs, preparing action plan & education

materials and capacity building exercises at grass root levels are

the major part of my job.

Gram Goonse Society

As Project Coordinator in GGS, associated with community based

health awareness programmes consisting mainly of counseling for

HIV/AIDS and drug abusers for their reintegration and develops

target oriented prevention and intervention awareness programs in

the rural, slums as well as in urban areas.

Organizational and Leadership Skills

Confident, Love to Accept Challenges, Self Motivated person,

Determined and Task & relationship oriented, Problem Solver,

perform good under pressure

Computer Skills

Word processing, Power point, Excel, and Internet access etc.

Extra Curricular:

. Voluntary work with urban and rural society

. Love sports and Participated also at National Level Sports

. Interest in Folk Music


1. Dr. Harmesh Kumar

Clinical Neuro-psychologist,


Therapeutic Residential Care Services,

2249, Pacheco Street, Concord, CA 94520




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