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Development Project

Flanders, NJ, 07836
August 09, 2013

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Executive Summary

IT specialist with more than ** years of experience; including enterprise

application integration (EAI), service oriented

architecture (SOA), e-commerce integration (B2Bi), managed file transfer

(MFT), data virtualization, project management and leadership domestic and

internationally, and direct work with clients in a consulting capacity

throughout the full software life cycle.

Technical Skills

. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Service Oriented

Architecture (SOA), E-Commerce Integration (B2Bi),

Managed File Transfer (MFT), Data Virtualization, Extract Transform Load


. Application System Architecture Design and Planning, Behavioral

Interviewing, Change Management, Coaching, Communications Basics,

Client Needs Analysis, Gathering and Analyzing Business Requirements,


Integration Management, Project Management Methodology, Project Scope

Management, Designing Business

Solutions, Designing Data Services and Data Models

. Awk, BPML, C/C++, HTML, Java, Javascript, JSP, Pascal, Perl, Sed, SQL,


. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, IBM Sterling File Gateway, Gentran Server

UNIX, Microsoft Access,

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft

Project, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Word

. Windows 98/NT/ME/XP/Vista/7, Linux - Redhat/SuSE/Ubuntu, UNIX -



Software Engineer Lead, Standard & Poor's, New York, NY: July 2011 -


Provide project management, application development, and advanced support

services for the S&P Enterprise Data eXchange (EDX) application system.

Responsibilities include:

. Consultation with internal and external customers to discover and

document project requirements enhancements to EDX functionality.

. Management of multiple simultaneous development projects involving IBM

Sterling B2B Integrator, Java, and Web User Interfaces to extend and

enhance EDX functionality.

. Development of IBM B2B Sterling Integrator, Java, and Web User Interface

objects as required by projects to extend and enhance EDX functionality.

. Review of completed development IBM B2B Sterling Integrator, Java, and

Web User Interface objects for adherence to project requirements and

development best practices.

. Development and execution of deployment plans to promote EDX enhancements

and fixes from Development to User Acceptance Testing and from User

Acceptance Testing to Production.

. Provide advanced support for EDX issue troubleshooting.

. Provide on-call support for EDX on a rotating basis.

B2B and Distributed Systems Analyst, Warner Chilcott, Rockaway, NJ:

September 2010 - July 2011

Provided support resolution services for a Sterling Integrator (SI) B2B/EDI

environment. Participated in all B2B development projects, promoting and

upholding quality standards throughout the software development life cycle.

Worked with business units to analyze integration needs around various

systems and applications; developed integration requirements for new

technologies, platforms, architectures and/or computing environments and

ensured the requirements align with company IT strategy; and assisted in

developing programmatic solutions for complex business problems and issues.

Work performed included, but not limited to:

. Performance of production support and maintenance tasks on all SI


. Interaction with customers, business partners, third-party

suppliers/vendors, internal IT application programmers and internal

business contacts for both new development and problem


. EDI Mapping design and development for EDI ANSI X12 and EDIFACT

transaction sets

. Development of translation objects (maps) for the following data

source/targets: EDI, XML, Application File, Database

. Business processes (BPML) development, modification, and management

. Development and execution of unit and integration tests for SI objects

. Development of application integration interfaces using various SI


. Support and implementation of EDI communications protocols including

VANs and AS2 Analyzing / Defining customer requirements

. Production of documentation and procedures regarding the proper use

and operation of the corporate EDI & B2B infrastructure

. Utilization of the corporate problem management tool to track open

tickets and follow up to resolution and closure

Senior Integration Architect, iGlobal Group, New York, NY: October 2009 -

September 2010

Provided B2B, EAI, EDI, and ETL professional services for clients;

including but not limited to B2B system architecture design according to

the iGlobal RIEDA architecture principles, provision of development and

testing support to client staff and Sterling Integrator consulting teams,

act as middle-ware technical liaison to client application and business

user implementation teams, development of Sterling Integrator and Sterling

File Gateway objects, project management for deployment of developed

objects, and performance of various levels of testing for developed


Independent Consultant, Angels Camp, CA: May 2007 to October 2009

Client: Sterling Commerce, Dublin, OH (October 2009 - October 2009):

Provide remote Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) mapping assistance at the

direction of client staff to migrate maps from Gentran AS400 to GIS.

Client: SanDisk, San Jose, CA (December 2008 - August 2009):

Assisted SanDisk staff with review of client developed mapping

specification documentation, development and testing of translation maps

(CSV and other delimited formats, XML, RosettaNet, ANSI X12, Tradacoms,

EDIFACT, SAP IDOCs, and Proprietary application file formats) for document

data virtualization processing in a Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) SOA

environment, and documentation of final configuration for document

translation maps. Designed and developed data virtualization prototype for

end user views into enterprise data systems.

Assisted client staff with the design and development of business

processes to provide data virtualization services in a Gentran Integration

Suite (GIS) SOA environment for the processing of memory wafer testing data

files. Processing requirements included retrieval of files from GIS

mailboxes, decryption of files using PGP, compression/decompression of file

payloads, extraction of multiple files from tar file archives, renaming of

files, transfer of files between multiple servers via FTP, grouping of

files by lot process numbers, and XSLT transformations.

Client: Levi Strauss & Company, San Francisco, CA (July 2008 - December


Created an auditing process to provide data virtualization services in a

Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) SOA environment to extract key data field

values from documents processed through GIS and store those key data field

values in an Oracle table for use as a source of reference by Levi Strauss

Europe (LSE) end users for auditing purposes. Responsibilities included

partnering with LSE IT staff to review requirements, creation of a solution

analysis and design based on the requirements and approved by LSE IT staff,

coordination with Oracle database administrator to build required tables,

construction of GIS components (i.e., business processes, maps, adapters,

etc.) for solution, creation of an on-fault process to log errors for

alert, testing for all messages and confirm acceptance by LSE IT staff,

conducting knowledge transfer to Levi Strauss IT employees in Europe and

USA and provision of documentation for implemented solution.

Client: SanDisk, San Jose, CA (October 2008 - November 2008):

Provided professional consulting services to assist client staff with the

conversion of Perl scripts into Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) business

processes. Activities performed included analysis of existing Perl scripts

for FTP file transfer and file operations (PGP decryption, File

decompression, tar archive extraction, File renaming, and File compression)

to determine equivalent functionality in GIS, design, development, and

testing of GIS business processes to replace Perl script functionality, and

knowledge transfer to client staff on GIS business processes developed to

replace Perl scripts. Equivalent functionality in a GIS SOA environment

replaces existing data virtualization services provided by Perl scripts.

Client: Brocade, San Jose, CA (June 2008 - September 2008):

Provided technical consulting and support for a Gentran Integration Suite

(GIS) SOA environment processing of cXML, RosettaNet, EDI, and other

business documents. Assisted with daily monitoring of GIS processing

operations. Provided on-call support for new trading partner migration to

production status in GIS. Developed new adapter and service configurations,

business processes, maps, XSLT stylesheets, etc. to meet Brocade's data

virtualization processing requirements.

Client: EMJ Metals, Lynwood, CA (June 2008 - August 2008):

Reviewed the existing Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) 4.2 SOA document

processing environment for detailed recommendations on the incorporation of

document processing for sister/subsidiary companies within the existing GIS

architecture. Provided consulting services to execute recommended

activities for incorporation of document processing for sister/subsidiary

companies within the existing GIS 4.2 architecture.

Client: Levi Strauss & Company, San Francisco, CA (March 2008 - May 2008):

Diagnosed, developed and implemented solutions for issues for data

virtualization business processes in a Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) SOA

environment for integration with SAP. Provided knowledge transfer to Levi

Strauss IT staff on implemented solutions.

Client: Do It Best Corp., Fort Wayne, IN (November 2007 - May 2008):

Developed and tested GIS business processes to replace custom windows

batch scripts for FTP of documents to a Mainframe system for processing.

Developed and tested a customized data virtualization user Interface for

the GIS Code List editing function. Provided knowledge transfer on the

implementation of each transformation to Do It Best IT staff. Provided

general GIS technical knowledge support to Do It Best IT Staff.

Client: Genentech, South San Francisco, CA (November 2007 - January 2008):

Designed, coded, tested, and implemented B2B/EAI/SOA solutions for the CIT

Architecture & Engineering group. Work performed included design and

implementation of B2B/EAI/SOA solutions using the Gentran Integration

Suite (GIS) SOA environment, architecture/design reviews, gap analysis, and

assessments to ensure quality solutions are specified and delivered to

Genentech, GIS software installation, configuration, and testing, provision

of support for all aspects of the GIS implementation process, delivery of

operational and administration training to Genentech IT staff,

collaboration with business groups and CIT security architects to design

and implement B2B solutions within existing IT security solutions and

infrastructure, provision of supported and troubleshooting for production

systems issues as required for optimization of security performance and

reliability, and deployment of the B2B/EAI/SOA gateway solutions.

Client: EMJ Metals, Lynwood, CA (October 2007):

Provided consulting services for the upgraded of the Gentran Integration

Suite (GIS) SOA environment from version 3.1 to version 4.2, for the

analysis of requirements of the work effort required to integrate

document/data processing into GIS for additional companies in the EMJ

Metals corporate family, and development of a recommendation on how to

proceed with the integration of additional companies into GIS processing.

Client: Levi Strauss & Company, San Francisco, CA (September 2007 - October


Provided consulting services to determine recommendations for

stabilization of Levi Strauss Europe (LSE) GIS business process flows as

they are integrated into the global Levi Strauss GIS SOA production

processing environment, to review and analyze GIS LSE processes for inbound

and outbound EAI and EDI processing for inefficiencies and adherence to

best practices, to assist in finalizing and fine-tuning of GIS business

processes based on review/analysis results, for the testing and

implementing new trading partners using EDI EDIFACT and EAI flat file

document formats, for the preparation of notification message to send to

LSE mailbox for incoming and outgoing documents, for the extraction of

inbound data records with lookup table failures prior to creating

application documents, to assist Levi Strauss staff in the design and

implementation of an archiving strategy for LSE GIS processing, for the

configuration and testing of the GIS email transport processes, for the

creation of additional on-fault error notification to alert production

support and LSE of exception situations in processing, and to provide

knowledge transfer to the Levi Strauss IT Staff on GIS best practices.

Client: Toyota Financial Services, Torrance, CA (June 2007 - September


Provided consulting services to design a Gentran Integration Suite (GIS)

SOA Managed File Transfer (MFT) infrastructure for test/development and

production processing environments to cover data virtualization, FTP, FTPS,

SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Connect:Direct, SMTP, JMS, and JDBC transfers of file

data between internal systems and between internal systems and external

business partners, to conducted interviews of Toyota Financial Services

Business Project Teams to discover file transfer requirements for

implementation as business processes in GIS, for the development, testing,

and deployment of business processes, document translation maps, trading

partnership envelope configurations, and other GIS artifacts to provide MFT

processing in GIS as specified in requirements provided by Toyota Financial

Services' Business Project Teams and to provide knowledge transfer,

informal training, and mentoring to Client's staff on business process

design and development, data virtualization, error and exception handling,

maintenance and daily operations for GIS MFT solution.

Client: Easton-Bell Sports, Irving, TX (May 2007 - October 2007):

Provided consulting services for the development, testing, and deployment

to production for Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) SOA business processes

and translation maps to facilitate the exchange of documents between Easton-

Bell Sports and external business partners and between Easton-Bell Sports'

multiple GIS SOA production processing systems, to facilitate emailing of

documents and processing notifications to Easton-Bell Sports' end users, to

facilitate the transmission via email to Easton-Bell Sports' end users the

daily critical purchase order information in CSV format for reconciliation

with SAP, and to facilitate the transmission of status update messages to

SAP to reflect the statuses for IDOCs showing the success or failure of the

translation of the SAP IDOC document to EDI document format and the

positive or negative response to the EDI document provided by the Easton-

Bell Sports' EDI business partner in the form of an EDI functional


Services Engagement Manager, Sterling Commerce, Dublin, OH: September 1998

to April 2007

Responsible for the estimation of the level of effort for consulting

services from client requirements and driving the on-time, on-budget, on-

scope completion of multiple parallel projects (in excess of $3 Million US

Dollars of consulting services revenue) by managing schedules and technical

resources, resolving issues, tracking statuses, and working with client

management. Encouraged teamwork, mentored junior technical resources, and

managed functional and technical resources.

Conducted requirements and needs analysis discussions with clients to

provide either statements of work for pre-sales opportunities and technical

architecture solution documents for implementation projects, including:

Client: US Department of Health & Human Services, Ctrs for Medicare and

Medicaid Services, Reston, VA:

Conducted three weeks of requirements and needs analysis discussions with

multiple application groups to provide a comprehensive solution

architecture document for a centralized File Transfer Management solution.

Client: Geologistics, Irvine, CA:

Conducted two weeks of requirements and needs analysis provided a

comprehensive solution architecture document for the exchange of documents

between internal applications and external business partners. Assisted

with the implementation of the proposed solution architecture.

Client: American Express, Chicago, IL:

Conducted two weeks of requirements and needs analysis to provide a

revised solution architecture document to describe how Gentran Integration

Suite can accommodate the expansion of an existing Enterprise File Transfer

solution architecture.

Client: CVS/Caremark Corporation, Providence, RI:

Conducted one month of requirements and needs analysis to generate a

comprehensive statement of work for the activities required to consolidate

and replace existing Electronic Data Interchange system with a single

comprehensive Enterprise Application Integration system.

Client: Sears Canada, Toronto, Canada:

Performed requirements and needs analysis for a comprehensive response to

an RFP for the implementation EDIINT (AS2).

Participated in and conducted pre-sales engagements and services

requirements discussions for Enterprise Application Integration with over

200 of the top 500 companies in the world, including:

Boston Scientific, Colgate-Palmolive, CP Ships, Acosta, SAIC,

TowerGroup(FedEx), Sony Japan, North Shore University Hospital, Ariba,

SAPPI Fine Paper, Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency, BellSouth

Communications Systems, Infineon Technologies, Dole Foods, Dominion

Resources, Imation, Johnson Controls, Family Dollar, Save Mart

Supermarkets, Unisource, Cardinal Health, Symantec, Excelda Manufacturing,

Freudenberg, INNTRA, Wrigley's, Military Traffic Management Command,

Quebecor World, Portland General Electric, The Hub Group, Alcoa, BP/Amoco,

McKesson, Toyota, Mattel, PairGain Technologies, Allied Signal/Honeywell,

GLOVIA International, Home Shopping Network, Mossimo, Case Corporation,

Anderson Consulting, Neopost, Starbucks, Solectron, viaLink, Tosco,, Church & Dwight, Eaton Corp, Olsten Corp, Estes

Industries, Warner/Elektra/Atlantic, Sybase, Mitsubishi Electronics, Hayden

Industries, AMGEN, US Borax, DSL Transportation, Texas Instruments, Pacific

Bell, Merisel Inc, Lereta Corporation, Onan Corporation, QRS Corporation,

LG Electronics Canada, Montana Department of Revenue, Wal-Mart.


. University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA 1988

B.S., Computer Engineering

. United States Army Signal Center, Ft Gordon, GA 1994

Certificate, Electronic Communications, Distinguished Graduate

. United States Army Professional Development Institute, Ft Eustis, VA


Certificate, Basic Skills Preparatory Course

. AMBAI On-line University, Internet 2003

Associate, Management and Business Administration (MBA)

. Stratford Career Institute, Champlain, NY 2004

Certificate, Private Investigation

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