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Technician Engineer

Austin, Texas, 78729, United States
April 04, 2012

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Austin, Texas 78729

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A responsible position as Electrical Validation Engineering Technician or Information Technology Support Specialist utilizing my skills and experience in the field of electronics or computer technology.


Strong problem solving abilities Quality minded person

Excellent communication skills Fluent in English and Spanish

Manufacturer certifications Team player

Strong technical background Willingness to learn


COMPUTERS: Dell Servers: 2650, 2600, 1600, and 600 series, AMD OEM Prototype 1P and 2P Server systems, AMD OEM Prototype Workstation and Laptop systems, Compaq 386/486/Pentium, Athlon systems and notebooks, Dell Optiplex, Precision, and Dimension systems, DEC PDP 11 Family and VAX 11/750, HP Vectra systems, and IBM laptops T23, T24, T30, T40, T41, desktops 50-95, and Valuepoint systems.

PROGRAMS: Microsoft Office 2010, 2003, XP, 2000, 97 Professional, 95, 4.2, and 4.3, Windows 3.1, MSWorks 2.0, MTEZ, Quicken 2 for Windows, WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows, WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS, Lotus 4 for Windows, Lotus 3.1+ for DOS, Harvard Graphics 1.03 for Windows, Attachmate 3.5 and 4.0 for Windows, Attachmate EXTRA! for Windows NT, Isopro 1.6, Microsoft Exchange, Netscape Navigator, Groupwise 4.1, and Lotus Notes 5.6, 6.5, and 8.5. Exceed, McAfee Virus Scan.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: BEOS 4.5, FreeBSD 3.0, DOS 6.22, 6.1, 6.0, 5.0, Linux 3.0 Sams Publishing 3.0, 2.0, 1.2, Mandrake Linux 8.2, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, RedHat Linux 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 6.2, 6.1, 6.0, SCO 5.04, Solaris 7, 2.6, 2.5, Sun Solaris 5.8, SuSe 7.0, Warp 4.0, 3.0, Windows NT 4.0, 3.51, Windows 2000 Pro, XP Pro, ME, 98SE, 98, Windows 95 OSR2, 95, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, 3.10, Windows 7

NETWORKS: BSDI Super Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT Server 4.0 and 3.51, Novell 5.1, 5.0, 4.10,

and Novell 3.12

MASS STORAGE: Quantum P3000 and P7000 certification


7/10 to 8/11 ADECCO, Austin, Texas

Sr. MMT Engineering Technician

Onsite at Applied Materials in Austin, Texas. Work from highly complex test procedures, electro/mechanical schematics, diagrams, written and/or verbal descriptions, and layouts to perform testing, checkout, and troubleshooting functions. Perform complex operational test and fault isolation on systems and equipment. Require knowledge of systems and software necessary to perform job function such as Lotus Notes, MS Word, Excel, Oracle Manufacturing Inquiry and View, and/or PDM.

9/06 to 3/09 PRODUCTIVE DATA SOLUTIONS, INC., Tempe, Arizona

Sr. Electrical Validation Technician

Onsite at Freescale in Austin, Texas as part of the Time to Market Lab Team doing electrical validation on chip sets in a UNIX environment. Validation included speed in lab screening methods, consistently providing accurate data, and summaries to the engineering team for analysis and then presented to management. Used multitasking skills to collect critical data on a number of projects using multiple test sets with different configurations.

1/05 to 8/06 RENEWDATA CORPORATION, Austin, Texas

Lead Production Technician

Electronic Evidence and Forensic Investigation processing for legal discovery purposes, meticulous data handling in the areas of Imaging, Extraction, Targeting, and Keyword Filtering. Production Testing of proprietary software applications/tools .

11/03 to 10/04 SMITH MICRO TECH, Austin, Texas

Computer Network Specialist

Onsite at 3M doing end user support of 1500 users. Supported servers, desktops, laptops, printers, and robotic tape systems. Interfaced with a number of different departments and locations. Locations included St. Paul, MN, 3 sites in Austin and 5 sites along the Mexican border.


Associate Engineer

Onsite at Dell Computers validating servers in the Failure Analysis Department. Servers were validated in a number of different configurations from 1 processor to 4 processors configurations using RAID, SCSI, or IDE drives and other peripherals. Results of validations were logged into a database and reviewed with assigned engineer to see if failure trends were occurring in the field.

7/00 to 1/03 ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES, Austin, Texas

Sr. Compatibility Test Technician

Validated AMD processors in a network and standalone environment. Setup systems with a number of different operating platforms and configurations. Also validated different manufacturer’s motherboards using AMD processors 1P, 2P, server, workstation, and laptop. Tested systems using Hardware Configuration Tests and reported results to engineering team.

11/99 to 7/00 VOLT TECHNICAL SERVICES, Austin, Texas

Validation Engineering Technician

Onsite at Advanced Micro Devices validating AMD processors in a network and standalone environment. Setup systems with a number of different operating platforms and configurations. Also validated different motherboard manufacturers using AMD processors. Tested systems using Hardware Configuration Tests and reported results to engineering team.

10/98 to 11/99 RCM TECHNOLOGIES, Austin, Texas

Engineering Technician

Onsite at Dell Computers for testing of hardware and software on system prototypes prior to assembly and manufacturing of systems. Worked with hardware and software engineers in order to resolve possible issues which could affect manufacturing and with the end customer. Create reports using Lotus Notes for tracking of hardware, software, and in a network environment.

7/98 to 10/98 NATIONAL BILLING EXCHANGE, INC., Austin, Texas

System Support Specialist

Supported end users on a day-to-day basis, and resolved any hardware or software issues. Did daily maintenance backups, ran diagnostics, kept up to date on software and hardware upgrades. Kept inventory updates on all computer equipment.

3/97 to 7/98 SABREDATA, Austin, Texas

Network Integrator

Onsite network and end user support at Advanced Micro Devices FAB30 using NT 4.0 operating system. Setup user accounts on domains, reset password, setup workstations, troubleshot and installed software packages, configured printers local and network, maintained inventory of all computer equipment for FAB30 in Austin and equipment going to Dresden, Germany, trained Dresden, Germany counterparts. Developed and increased customer satisfaction for the Information Technology Management Group through out AMD Austin.


Systems Support Specialist

Responsible for providing technical support and advice on mainframe, PC, graphics, engineering workstations including operating systems, LAN’s, word-processing, spreadsheets, databases. Kept abreast of changes in hardware/ software and provide current information to users in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Troubleshot, solved problems, installed, maintained, and moved hardware/ software as needed. Served as a liaison for the Information Systems Division.

2/96 to 10/96 APPLIED MATERIALS, Austin, Texas

Engineering Technician

In-house technical support of the PVD Endura 5500 Systems. Responsible for integrating all aspects of the systems in a clean room environment and getting systems to final test for customer shipment. Additional responsibilities was assigned as the focal person of KPI’s for on time delivery and Discrepant Material Report tracking. Completed certification of the Endura HP PVD operations, programming, functional description, and basic preventive maintenance .


Technical Support Specialist

Onsite and in-house technical support for networks, cabling, and standalone systems. Built systems from board level to simple, multimedia, and servers. Assisted customers in evaluating of present systems, and made suggestions for future upgrades, and equipment.

1993 to 1995 BAY RESOURCES INCORPORATED, Miami, Florida

Senior Technical Support Specialist

Onsite technical support at Texaco Latin America/West Africa and Coulter Corporation. Responsible for the maintaining and troubleshooting of software and hardware issues, also developed one on one relationships with users and the Information Technology Department in order to resolve problem issues in an expedite and efficient matter.

1991 to 1993 DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION, Austin, Texas

Technical Support Specialist

Supported a variety of customers over the phone on all software and hardware problems. Also assisted in the installation for different software packages which were supported by Dell on the Precision and Dimension product lines.

1988 to 1991 COMPAQ COMPUTER CORPORATION, Houston, Texas

Senior Electronic Engineering Technician

Developed, maintained, and updated all current acceptance test sets and inspection procedures at component level testing. Verified all defective material reports, problem investigation requests, and failure analysis requests.

1986 to 1988 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, Lewisville, Texas

Senior Electronic Engineering Technician

Qualified for secret clearance to pre-shipping and performance evaluation of the HARM Missile Systems. After five months qualified for a top secret clearance and was transferred to the Advanced Systems Group for component-to-unit level troubleshooting and performance evaluation of hi-speed V.L.S.I. analog and digital prototypes for full rate production.

1984 to 1985 EXCEL TRANSNATIONAL INCORPORATED, Oak Brook, Illinois

Database Administrator

Responsible for updating and maintaining a customized database system to insure that inventory was accounted for. Translated all incoming documentation from spanish to english and acted as liaison for several of the branch offices.

1982 to 1984 DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, Houston, Texas

Field Service Engineer

Supported and installed various systems and peripherals for the DEC PDP 11 Family and VAX 11/750, also did maintaining and troubleshooting to insure that all equipment ran properly.

1981 to 1982 BAKER PACKER COMPLETION SYSTEMS, Houston, Texas

N.C. Machine Maintenance Specialist

Maintained, troubleshot, and repaired hydraulics, 3 phase motors, and electrical systems on CNC machines and lathes.


01/12 to 03/12 Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

PC Technical Certification (A+ Essentials, A+ Practical Applications, and Network+)

06/09 to 08/09 Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

Continuing Education

HART 1071 - Solar Electric Systems

01/09 to 05/09 Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

Continuing Education

HART 1073 - Solar Thermal Systems

1990 to 1991 NORTH HARRIS COUNTY COLLEGE, Tomball, Texas

Major: Computer Science Program GPA: 2.80

Attended school while working at COMPAQ Computers.


Associate Degree in Electronics

Major: Electronics GPA: 3.50

Received a C.E.T.A. Sponsorship for Training in Electronics.

1980 to 1981 PAN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, Edinburg, Texas

Major: General Academic Courses GPA: 2.50


Supporting Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Core Technologies

Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

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