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Quality Control Engineer

Wakefield, Massachusetts, 01880, United States
March 14, 2011

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Cellular: 617-***-****

Summary of Qualifications:

Superior computer skills including but not limited to: Build computers, and diagnose software; working in the IT industry for 17+ years, with skills on Unix / Windows System administration, managing backup tools such as Data protector and Networker, Scheduling jobs using Autosys, etc. Good team player, and open to changes. Good documentation skills and excellent Project Management skills. Bilingual (English / Spanish), bicultural, analytical, strong work ethics, ability to perform under pressure, self motivated and consistently recognized by management and peers for producing high quality work.

Professional History:

Mahindra-Satyam at P&G Gillette Boston MA 2007 – 2010

L3 Legato Networker Architect

• Designing Networker for the environment

• Installation, Maintenance and Configuration of Networker 7.4.2

• Upgrading from v7.2.1 to v7.4.2

• Configuration and troubleshooting of Jukebox

• Backup and restoration of client data.

• Resolve backup failures / issues.

• Insert and Eject Script.

• Documentation

• Performed Disaster recovery exercise in SunGard, PA

L3 Omniback (Data Protector Manager)

• Designing Omniback for the environment.

• Installation, Maintenance and configuration of Omniback v6.0

• Upgrading from v5.6 to v6.0

• Configuration and troubleshooting of SILO

• Configuring and modifying Omniback jobs

• Resolve backup failures / issues.

• Restoration of Data.

• Insert and Eject Scripts

• Documentation

L3 Autosys Administrator

• Scheduling and modifying scheduled jobs

• AUTOSYS job execution is estimated at 125,000 jobs daily, of a defined 60,000 jobs, fluctuating based on business requirements.

• Take care of processing all add/change/delete requests, monitor status of batch cycles; respond to failures, and follow up with issue resolution.

• As AUTOSYS administrator, import jobs through SAP R/3 and AUTOSYS tool based on the request received through emails or Clarify ticket. Also responsible for adding/changing/deleting the requests and monitor it for the first time.

• Import the jobs into AUTOSYS and verify if the job was able to run successfully for the first time. If there is a problem in getting it executed, contact the requestor and update the problem and try to get the commands changed and import until successful execute.

• Diagnostic and troubleshooting of Job failures

• Accepts email and tickets on CLARIFY to import jobs on AUTOSYS and SAP R/3. Receives email on modifications to be done on AUTOSYS. Provides support on email requesting to do actions like Restart, On-Hold, On –Ice on AUTOSYS provide support in restarting jobs.

• Creation of SAP calendars

• General procedure for getting Calendar changes imported into production:

L2 AS400 covering

• Backup of Servers

• Restoration of data

• Troubleshooting hardware issues

Gillette Data Center – South Boston, MA 2000 – 2005

Datacenter Technical Specialist Operator

• Managed a 7x24 operation on an IBM AIX, UNIX, HP UNIX and Windows servers (2000 and 2003). – Responsibilities included Computer Operations, I/O Control and Report Distribution. Directed the activities.

• Supervised the activities within the computer operations and data entry departments. Developed logs and procedures to ensure successful completion of scheduled batch cycles. Resolved operational issues and provided staff training.

• L2 Unix Administration covering

• Install, Troubleshoot and Manage Printers

• Extend disk space.

• User Administration activities including user addition, modification and password resets.

• Troubleshooting servers

• Monitoring servers using TEC, The Guard and BMC Patrol.

• TEC Tivoli

• I use the following tools: MBC Toolbox, Remote Control, RemoteAdm account, Tivoli Desktop, change your roles or delete user accounts.

• Comment script to stopped servers alarming on monitoring.

• BMC Patrol: Deactivating Patrol monitoring servers; Adding and removing patrol agent on servers within Patrol V3.5.60i; Integrating servers to Patrol environment; creating configuration files and escalation scripts;

Distributing Knowledge modules, scripts and configuration files; Preloading Knowledge Modules

Dickinson Direct- Braintree, MA 1992-1999

Lead-Computer Operator

Maintained, Setup, and troubleshoot Siemens (OCE) Page stream Model 210-DSC with Duplexing and Colors, and 372M capability to print Micro Checks on a continues form printers.

Operated and setup Xerox Model 4635MX and 4135 capability to print various legal size cut-sheet forms. Input, output, and processing data using IBM Mainframe 9309 ES/9000, Symmetrix EMC2, IBM System Controller 3990, Cisco 4000, and InterLinx 3278.

• Operated a remote console terminal to access DOS/VSE System using FAQS/ASO and DOCS (MVS) commands.

• Performed backup/restored tapes, processed clients' tapes, and Inkjet tapes on TapeDrive varies Models. Edited job control using Job Control Language (JCL). Performed and monitored job status.

• Printed client reports, ditto, and labels using IBM Impact Printer Model 4245.

• Monitor production activities to assure timely and accurate completion of projects. Coordinated and maintained quality control

• Trained work team members to handle specific tasks related to each client projects.

• Responsible for verifying job control and modify configurations to fit client run proofs for the job.

• Maintained quality control and assure efficient productivity

• Run OCP processing data to the mainframe to print into Xerox.


Gillette Virtual University (GVU)

UNIX user fundamentals, advanced topics for users, and shell programming part1; Sun Fire 15K Server Management and Environment; Solaris 8 Administration & Sun Fire 15K Topics

Quincy College - Quincy, MA

Associate in Computer Science

Self-preparation to the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer's tests Self-preparation to the A+ Certification.

Tools used

Operating Systems Windows NT / 2000 / 2003

Sun Solaris 5.8, 9, HP UX B.11.11 , IBM AIX 4.3

Hardware Dell, Compaq, IBM, Sun Sparc 15K, HP UX 9000, Delta AS400 series, StorEdge 5500, STK 9710, IBM 3584, HP DLT 7000, IBM 3570, IBM 3590, IBM 3490.

Scheduling Software Autosys, NT Scheduler, Crontab

Monitoring Software Tivoli Enterprise Console, BMC Patrol and The Guard

Remote Connectivity Tools PCAnywhere, RConip, Hummingbird Exceed, Windows Terminal Services Client, Avocent DSView 3, CPSConsole

Software Adobe Photoshop CS2, Premiere pro 2, Office 2003, Scripts, MS Visio

Languages COBOL, Basic, and Pascal, Visual Basic, C, C++, bash, and Perl.

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