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Spanish (USA) Voice Recording project - Santa Fe, NM
Audio Bee - 2020 Dec 22

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Audio Bee Joined: December 08, 2019

Audio Bee is a Texas (USA) based business that specializes in speech transcription; raw audio data collection; create, validate and label NLP training data; captioning and tagging; and relevance, validation and judgements.

We have been in business since 2014, helping businesses with large data projects. We have rebranded as Audio Bee now that we have found our focus in audio projects. So far, we have worked with 15,000+ independent contractors and have networks in 60+ languages globally. We have 500+ active transcribers working on transcription projects in 21 languages. We would love to add you to this growing network for current and future projects in your language. Referrals are always welcome too. Let us grow together!