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Sales Engineer / Automation Specialist - Jackson, TN
Austin Allen Company, LLC 3020 - May 22
Project Engineer / MANUFACTURING - Denver, CO
Austin Allen Company, LLC 3003 - May 22
Quality Assurance Manager / Spray Drying Foods - City Of Industry, CA
Austin Allen Company, LLC 8125 - May 22
3rd Shift Production Supervisor - Kennett, MO
Austin Allen Company, LLC 8146 - May 22
QA Manager Foods Processing - Lansing, MI
Austin Allen Company, LLC 8145 - May 22
Maintenance Field Service Technician - Memphis, TN
Austin Allen Company, LLC 1140 - May 22
Equipment Design Engineer - Memphis, TN
Austin Allen Company, LLC 1120 - May 22
Power Distribution Electrical Engineer - Nashua, NH
Austin Allen Company, LLC 4217 - May 22
QUALITY Manager - Albany, NY
Austin Allen Company, LLC 4091 - May 22
Converting Supervisor (Tissue) - Memphis, TN
Austin Allen Company, LLC 4242 - May 22
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Austin Allen Company Joined: July 09, 2010

Premium Recruiter
In 1973, THE AUSTIN ALLEN COMPANY began recruiting talent for the Manufacturing and Distribution markets. We began with the belief that “If we can make our client companies more successful and our candidates more successful, we will be successful.” This has been proven true time and time again. We have this as our main focus when working with both companies and candidates.

Our Search Consultants have many years of valuable experience in matching the right individual with the right company. We have a large network of candidates and contacts that we can utilize to find that “Right Candidate for that Right job.” Our Client Companies include many of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as, a large number of small to medium size firms. We have successfully conducted searches in almost every state in the United States.

PLEASE NOTE: We wish we could help everyone who applies for our jobs, but that is just not possible. We are sorry but we can only reply to those individuals whose background matches the requirements of our client companies. We wish all of you success in your job search.