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Freelance Sportswriters

The Daily Player
Mercer Island, Washington, 98040, United States
Grayscale. Details are on the site.
January 08, 2019


The Daily Player is a snarky sports website currently in beta. It's seeking writers who can present reports, opinions, plays, and analyses with a concise, intense style that is uniquely their own. Content should be appealing to readers who often like to take a financial interest in their sporting experiences.

There are enough items posted on the site for writers to get an idea as to format and theme. Basically, imagine being in a sports bar, offering a take on a relevant topic, and mixing in a cultural reference or two.

A thorough reading of our Write for Us section is also highly recommended. Our editors prefer spending time at that sports bar or a golf course to sitting in front of a monitor deciphering submissions, so they'll expect writers to be relatively proficient in the tools of expression, especially grammar. As well, The Daily Player is a card-carrying subscriber to Copyscape, so all submissions will be screened for originality.

The writer's section is arranged so you can compose and classify your submissions then and there. You will always have access to your archived articles, and of course, the site is optimized so you can share your published items in all the usual social media.

We're finding that the best way to keep from wasting your time or ours is to simply register in the Write for Us section, receive our Pre-Advice and Orientation messages, and determine if this is the sort of writing that appeals to you. You're going to find there's a trial period involved before any contract will be offered. Frankly, there's not much remuneration involved until you get to that stage.

If you have the skill to share your sporting perspectives in a sharp style, The Daily Player looks forward to hearing from you.