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Kelly Boychuk
Vancouver, BC, Canada
July 10, 2024


Full-time work position as a Child Care Provider for a 6-year-old child.

The position will require the successful childcare provider to be fully responsible for the Child in the absence of his/her parents during the weekdays (Monday to Friday).

The main duties and responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

- Supervise and care for the Child and tend to the emotional well-being of the Child.

- Prepare and serve nutritious meals to the Child for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

- Bathe and dress the Child each morning.

- Transport the Child to and from to school each day.

- Transport the Child to and from activities each day after school (i.e. swimming, dancing).

- Wash and organize the Child’s clothing, toys, etc.

- Put the Child to bed in the evening and tend to the Child upon awakening.

- Take the Child to and from periodic appointments (i.e. doctor, clinics), take Child on outdoor walks to local playgrounds.

- Maintain a safe and healthy environment in the home for the Child.

- Discipline the Child according to the methods requested by the parents.

- Instruct Child in personal hygiene (i.e. toilet use, teeth brushing bathing).

The work will primarily be in the family’s residential home, with the exception of when the Child is attending school (note that the Child is currently attending school).

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

- 6 months of caregiver experience is required.

- Self-motivated and organized. Must be able to prepare and maintain a schedule for Child’s school, sleep and feeding, and to plan play activities with the Child. Must keep a schedule for medical appointments, etc. that are away from the home. Must be able to perform these duties independently with minimal supervision by parents.

- Positive attitude and a willingness to work flexible hours as directed by the Child’s school schedule and the needs of the parents depending on work schedules.

- Completion of a high school diploma is required.

- First Aid certificate

- CPR Certificate

- A valid driver’s license.

Wage - $18 Per Hour

Language - English

Type - Full time, Permanent

Full address - Vancouver, B.C. V6R2V6

Contact email-