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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer ( Bilingual ) - Tokyo, OSAKA, Nagoya- FO

WHR Global Consulting
Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
June 10, 2024


You will assume responsibility for customer support on bilingual projects. We are seeking candidates across a spectrum, from those without IT experience but a desire to work in IT using English, to bilingual individuals with prior IT work experience.

Job Summary:

Projects will be assigned based on your experience and entry time, involving operational projects utilizing both Japanese and English. The primary focus is user support, often involving hands-on assistance with actual machines.

Project Example:

Bilingual help desk role at a major foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical company in Tokyo, primarily supporting client PCs, mobile phones, and peripherals

User support is primarily conducted in Japanese, collaborating with overseas engineers in English.

Attractions of Working:

Opportunities to land positions leveraging your English proficiency.

Potential for bilingual roles post internal on-the-job training (OJT).

Language : JLPT N3 or Above & English

Annual Salary:

3,060,000 yen (including the flat allowance below)

Monthly Salary Breakdown:

Basic Salary: 235,000 yen

Deemed Overtime Pay: 30,000 yen

Regional Allowance: Region A (Tokyo) 25,000 yen