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Sales Engineer

Thermal engineering company
The Crossings, FL, 33186
Thai Baht 40000
June 06, 2024


Division: Heating - Steam PU

Qualification: B.E / B.Tech

Experience: 2 to 5 years

### Roles and Responsibilities:

- **Achieve Sales Targets:** Meet the Annual Business Plan (ABP) goals for the designated territory, both independently and through the FEVC network.

- **Market Coverage:** Ensure comprehensive market coverage across different geographic areas and industrial segments to analyze key market trends effectively.

- **Lead Monitoring:** Oversee lead generation to maintain a robust enquiry pipeline, essential for meeting sales targets.

- **Customer Needs Analysis:** Understand customer requirements and identify opportunities for upgrades and improvements at existing plants.

- **Concept Selling:** Promote and drive sales of new products and applications.

- **Business Development:** Develop and expand business by engaging with identified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), key accounts, channel associates, and consultants to secure additional business.

### Critical Competencies for the Job:

- **Product/Application Knowledge:** Expertise in Thermal Engineering.

- **Networking Skills:** Ability to build and maintain professional relationships.

- **Communication Skills:** Strong verbal and written communication abilities.

- **Interpersonal Skills:** Excellent interpersonal skills to interact effectively with clients and team members.

- **Organizational Skills:** Proficient in organizing and planning activities.

- **Analytical Skills:** Process-oriented with strong analytical abilities to drive results.