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Production Engineer

WHR Global Consulting
Sennan, Osaka, Japan
June 10, 2024


Design of equipment used in production of automotive parts (rubber transmission belts, assembly of aluminum parts), etc. (mechanical, electrical, control design, etc.) Design of facilities using industrial robots, inspection cameras, etc. (process design, information and communication design, digital communication, visualization using data collection, DX promotion, etc.) Operation, maintenance, and local start-up of production facilities at domestic and overseas bases.


Must be a JPL Level N1, N2 or N3.

Must be a foreigner currently residing in Japan

The person who is interested in equipment design (mechanical, electrical), operation, and maintenance of equipment for product production.

Preferred Class 2 electrician qualification Second-class electrician qualification Sequence control and operation technician qualification (Mitsubishi Electric PLC) (control panel design, control software design) PC work (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) Network maintenance (Ethernet, CC-LINK, etc.) Experience in camera image processing, IOT information communication, robot operation, etc.