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File Agent Trainee

MCCS National
Monument, CO
June 04, 2024


As a File Agent Trainee at MCCS National, you'll be instrumental in overseeing our claims processing operations and ensuring successful resolutions for our clients. Your role will involve coordinating with estimators, negotiating estimates with adjusters and supervisors, maintaining file integrity, managing file activities,

and achieving monthly invoiced file targets.

Job Duties Include but are not limited to:

- Learn to coordinate with estimators to understand and negotiate provided estimates effectively.

- Learn to engage in in-depth discussions with adjusters and supervisors to negotiate favorable resolutions for claims.

- Learn to follow up on claims regularly to ensure timely processing and resolution.

- Learn to maintain file integrity by ensuring accurate documentation and adherence to company guidelines.

- Learn to manage and oversee associates who perform file activities, providing guidance and

support as needed.

- Work towards successfully closing a target of $20,000 in invoiced files each month.

- Learn to collaborate with team members to streamline processes and improve efficiency in

claims processing.

Job Performance Expectations include but are not limited to:

- Must work towards closing a minimum of $20,000 in invoiced files per month

- Must maintain file notes and updates appropriately

- Must follow procedures and instructions accordingly

- Must maintain a positive demeanor

Reporting Structure

- Report to File Agent Lead for workflow related questions

- Report to Estimator for file specific inquiries and additional help

- Report to Office Manager for HR related inquiries

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