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Family Advocacy Program Educator

Entourage Consulting LLC
Erbenheim, Hesse, Germany
July 19, 2024


Family Advocacy Program Educator

Place of Performance: Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden-Erbenheim Germany

General Description:

Family Advocacy Specialist shall provide services to the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) in support of the Army Community Service programs at Installation Management Command Europe (IMCOM-Europe). Responsible for providing technical assistance and support to the IMCOM-Europe FAP Manager, and function as the IMCOM –Europe point of contact in support of family wellness promotion programs that support improving the health and well-being of Soldiers, Army Civilians and Families and the reduction of abuse in families. Ensure every Army Community Service (ACS) Center in IMCOM-Europe has access to Family violence (child abuse, spouse abuse, child neglect and child sexual abuse) prevention and education resources as outlined in the FAP Army Regulation.

Specific Tasks:

• Provide services for the Family Advocacy Program with Army Community Service daily.

• Complete assessments of ACS prevention efforts for compliance with certification standards throughout IMCOM- Europe garrisons as required.

• Create after action reports on problems/issues that installations encounter in implementing prevention programs in their communities and provide technical assistance to resolve installation issues.

• Submit initial reports, follow-up and close out reports of out of home cases to Department of the Army (DA) via IMCOM-Europe FAP channels.

• Plan and coordinate prevention In-Process Reviews (IPRs) and training. Prepare after action reports (AARs) of IPRs and case conferences. Submit AARs to IMCOM-Europe FAP no later than five working days after completion of event or meeting.

• Develop lesson plans, facilitate/or teach prevention program workshops as required.

• Attend IMCOM-Europe G9, partnering agency and Family support activities as required to include teleconferences, VTCs, meetings, briefings, councils.

• Coordinate Family Advocacy Staff Training/Family Advocacy Staff Training Advanced (FAST/FASTA) courses upon request.

• Prepare an annual report of FAP for Material Weakness and quarterly FAP Metrics 30 days following the completion of the fiscal year. Facilitate the Fatality Review Annual Tasker and ensure all Garrison FAPM’s have submitted to IMCOM G9 in advance of published suspense.

• Track prevention-related taskers in Task Management Tool (TMT) and ensure suspense’s are met.

• Maintain prevention-related organizational charts for each garrison and update staffing spreadsheets.

• Maintain prevention-related folders content on IMCOM-Europe ACS shared drive.

• Assist garrison CR2Is and USAR EUR Health Promotion Officer in the CR2I on issues pertaining to improving Family functioning.

• Perform administrative duties in relation to sexual assault prevention and response.

• Prepare information papers, develop briefing charts, spreadsheets and gather statistical data when requested that supports improving Family functioning, easing stress, and creating communities that support Families.

• Attend, participate in, and furnish input to scheduled and unscheduled meetings, conferences, and briefings that relate to the functions and services as required to provide effective communication and impart necessary information. You shall attend meetings as requested by the Government. Meetings may: start or end outside of regular duty hours.

• Assist the Family Advocacy Program Manager (FAPM) with COR administrative duties for re-procurements: formatting Performance work statements, preparing slides for the quarterly review board (QRB), and assisting with marketing research.

• Provide support to the Region FAPM by administratively assisting with contract requirements for option years and re-procurements for Europe wide Victim Advocate and New Parent Support Program Contracts.

• Required to travel during the performance of this contract to attend meetings, conferences, and training.


• Bachelor’s Degree with one of the listed majors from an accredited college or university.

• Minimum of 24 hours in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, Public Administration and/or Public Health.

Required Bachelor’s Degrees Majors:

(1) Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

(2) Bachelors’ Degree in Psychology

(3) Bachelors’ Degree in Family and Child Counseling

(4) Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling

(5) Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science

(6) Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

(7) Bachelor’s Degree in Community/Public Health

(8) Bachelor’s Degree in Education


• Two years of experience working with organizations which work directly with child protection services or spouse / domestic / intimate partner violence and/or in women’s shelters and/or are instrumental in the protection of children and women and act towards prevention of child and spouse / domestic / intimate partner abuse.

Helpful experience:

1. 2 years of experience with and organization which act towards the prevention of Child and spouse/domestic/intimate partner abuse; for example, an Armed Forces Family Advocacy Program, or

2. 2 years of experience in Family and Children Services; for example, experience working with child protection services, domestic violence victim advocacy services or women’s shelters.

3. Experience conducting professional trainings/briefings and knowledge of the military organizational structure.

• Knowledge of Army administrative/correspondence rules.

• Use of Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Word, and Outlook Programs.

• Ability to present information orally and in written format (i.e., marketing) (in clear English with excellent comprehension) to clearly communicate with and instruct colleagues, supervisors, and clients.

• German or Spanish language skills are a plus, but not required.

• Must have a local background check, which includes FBI fingerprints.