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Medical Logistics Technician

Entourage Consulting LLC
Aviano, Pordenone, Italy
June 20, 2024


Medical Logistics Technician

Place of Performance: Aviano AB, Italy

General Description:

Perform a broad range of standard receiving assignments, including but not limited to verifying shipments, matching specific item ID by name, stock number, letter, code, quantity, or unit of issue on containers, unloading incoming shipments, scanning bar codes, or keying receipt information into an automated record system.

Specific Tasks:

• Perform a broad range of standard storage assignments, including but not limited to storing, stacking, palletizing, and/or rotating items considering their use, size, shape, quantity, and special handling requirements, and matching, checking, and comparing data on storage instruments with materials to be stored against materials already in storage locations.

• Perform tasks involved in issuing/shipping items, including but not limited to selecting and assembling items based on priority, type of material, mode of transportation, destination, and type of transaction.

• Assist in accomplishing inventories by counting items and properly completing tally listings and other inventory documents.

• Operate automated material handling and identification equipment to include mobile stock selectors and electromechanical automated equipment such as high-rise automated storage and retrieval vehicles, to move, stack and unstack, load and unload, bin, and position material.

• Perform material handling duties, including the use of tools and other equipment, in a safe manner, utilize safety practices and procedures, and comply with established safety rules and regulations.

• Maintain electronic records/documentation.

• Ensure all assets in the medical WRM allowance standards are accounted for and managed.

• Establish levels for specific WRM assets on approved allowance standards for WRM assemblages.

• Manage and exercise deferred procurement programs.

• Ensure all assigned WRM assemblages are inventoried.

• Ensure all assigned WRM assemblages are stored appropriately.

• Develop activation checklists for logistics activities.

• Brief medical readiness committee on materiel status of all assigned contingency projects.

• Conduct self-inspections.

• Maintain shelf-life extension program.

• Maintain support agreements.

• Maintain WRM continuity files.

• Ensure material is safeguarded and temperature controlled.


• Must have High School diploma or General Educational Development (GED) equivalency.


• Logistics Management or equivalent, Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) System and project management.


• Shall read, understand, speak, and write English fluently.

• Computer applications/software to include Microsoft Office programs, MS Outlook (e-mail), and internet familiarity are required.

• Ability to input, extract and format data from established databases is desired.

• Must possess organization, problem-solving and communication skills to articulate medical requirements to medical and non-medical staff in a professional and courteous way.

• Must be capable of lifting 65 pounds.