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Customer Support Analyst - Remote

Lahug, 6000, Philippines
January 09, 2024

Posted By Premium Recruiter


As a customer support analyst, your responsibilities will be:

1) Read incoming user emails in our custom CRM system.

Most of the users of our job board ( are job seekers.

Other users are recruiters, employers, recruiting agencies and other job boards.

2) Understand what problems user have (such as mismatching jobs in job seeker's job alert).

3) Help users to fix their problem.

For example, if a job seeker is receiving irrelevant jobs from -- create a better matching job search alert for the job seeker.

4) Based on users' feedback, identify bugs and important missing features in system.

5) Discuss with software development team how to fix bugs and how to implement missing features.

Prioritize the most important features and features that take the least time to implement.

6) Analyze users requests (emails) and customer support replies.

Find the most common patterns in requests and replies.

Define algorithms of:

- How to automate the detection of repeating requests (with the same wording or with a similar wording).

- How to automate replying to these repeating requests.

Discuss your CSR (customer support representative) automation suggestions with the development team.

7) In order to be successful in Customer Support Analyst job, you need to clearly understand how works.

In order to understand how postjobfree works, you will need to:

- Practice (play) various use case scenarios with

These use cases will come from you serving customer support work.

- Ask your teammates to explain to you the behavior of that looks confusing to you.

The ability to ask clear questions, and ability to make sure that you understand the answer -- is important for the analytical work in the team.

You should be able to discuss any misunderstandings in order to achieve clarity in how you understand your teammates and to achieve clarity in how your teammates understand you.


How to find out if you are a good match for this Customer Support Analyst job?

Please do this test task:


Read https://www.

Based on this article create a job search alert for your skills.


If you can create a relevant job alert for yourself, then you can create job alerts for other users.


If anything in this test task (above) is not clear - please email me your questions before you finish this task.

Your questions will demonstrate your ability to communicate, and, in particular:

- Your ability to recognize that you do not understand something.

- Your ability to identify confusing explanations.

- Your ability to ask clarifying follow-up questions.

- Your ability to understand answers.

Your questions will also:

- Make sure that you do tasks that I need and not incorrect interpretation of what I need.

- Correct my [potentially] unclear explanation of this task.

This is remote/telecommute job. You will work from home.