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Wilderness Steward & Conservation Internship / Volunteer

Chilcotin Ark Institute
Gold Bridge, BC, Canada
March 12, 2023


Environment and Biodiversity Conservation Internship

The Chilcotin Ark Institute is located in the Chilcotin Ark, a unique place for nature and wildlife due to the diverse combination of ecosystems. We are committed to sustainable land management, stewardship and conservation of wildlife of this unique environment. To do so, we facilitate and conduct participatory action research and conservation projects. Your internship combines nature conservation with personal development and nature connection. During your internship you will experience a variety of fields such as invasive species management, habitat management, wildlife studies, proposal writing and eco-tourism by educating visitors and getting them involved in hands-on conservation projects in the area. Personal and professional development is a cornerstone of your internship with ongoing support on your journey. If you have a specific research interest or conservation project that you would like to conduct in the area, you have the opportunity to plan and conduct it as part of your internship. We work together with universities and facilitate co-op terms. Our ranch-based research centre and remote satellite research stations in the Chilcotin Ark in British Columbia, Canada are the ideal place to facilitate your project.

Job description:

Implement the Chilcotin Ark’s mission and objectives, involving all community partners

Coordinate stewardship and resource management projects

Develop citizen science projects for the collection of wildlife data, to educate guests and the public about conservation and get them involved in conservation projects

Collect and analyze data on wilderness trips

Respond to consultations and referrals and organize meetings with relevant stakeholders

Organize research projects with universities and other institutions

Manage ongoing stewardship and resource management projects, plan future projects and secure funding for the Institute’s projects

Complete land plans including wildlife, land and resource management

Research wildlife studies that support regulation and management of wildlife


The requirement for staying with us is your commitment to your Personal Development and to contribute to our community. You are ready to view challenges as opportunities to grow and learn and take initiative to leave your comfort zone. Our priority is to create a community where we believe the best of each other, want the best for each other and hold one another accountable - If you share this approach you are ready to join us.


Live by our Three Pillar philosophy of Nature Connection, Nature Conservation and Personal Development.

Your Personal Development is the priority of your experience, so we facilitate the environment and material for you to grow and evolve towards your best self.

You become part of our community where we support each other in our goals and mission and share our personal experiences on a daily basis.

You will live and work in a remote wilderness environment and experience a new lifestyle, where you reconnect with nature and yourself.

You create your own work schedule that meets your interests and moves you towards your goals.

Free room, board and opportunities above.

We support successfull candidates in getting a visa under the IEC or a C50