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Chief Financial Officer

Eden Foods Inc
Clinton, MI, 49236
Pay based on experience
February 02, 2023


Eden Foods seeks an experienced business professional with a finance background who would like to serve as the CFO and Manager of the Accounting Dept. for the company. Excellent staff will teach what is needed to carry out these duties.

Accounting Department Job Description

Position: Chief Financial Officer / Accounting Department Manager

Reports to: Company President

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Recruit, train, professionally develop and manage Accounting Department staff together with efficient Dept. processes.

2. Oversee and improve the Company’s business systems where they impact Accounting Dept. and Company accuracy and efficiency. Help ensure Department activities and decisions are consistent with management’s strategies.

3. Systems and processes for budgets, payables, receivables, customer and supplier credit, projections, financing, investments, taxes, financial statements, business reports, cash management, and audits are a focus.

4. Manage payroll and personnel records for timely accuracy.

5. Foster relationships with professionals at banks, finance companies, accounting firms, insurance companies, and law offices in both anticipation of the Company needs, and for issues as they arise.

6. Work with Sales and Purchasing Departments to help manage customer and supplier relationships including credit management, Company strategic credit issuance use, and account reconciliations.

7. Work with the management team of the Company.

8. Participate in company financial forecasting and their systems.

9. Work with the President and Board in determining safekeeping, and utilization of Eden Foods’ capital and resources.

10. Participate in Company contract negotiations and agreements and enlist third-party professional help where necessary. Work with management and legal counsel to thoroughly understand ramifications of contract provisions from all anticipatable perspectives.

11. Provide reports to management to facilitate their efforts on behalf of the Company. Research and prepare information as is needed.

12. Oversee and ensure accuracy and security of Company and Department data, financial information, operational results, and records.

13. Manage Company asset investments consistent with the company president’s guidance as well as employee benefits, business policies, and the 401(k) plan.

14. Accommodate Company insurance needs. Ensure annual insurance renewals and oversee claims administration. The Accounting Dept. works with Administration and Human Resources annually with respect to employee insurances and benefits.

Job Requirements

1. Education and experience suitable for the assumption of responsibilities inherent in the roles and duties of a Chief Financial Officer and Department manager of a mid-size corporation

2. High moral, ethical, interpersonal character, and skills

3. Broad, in-depth understanding of accounting principles, financial modeling, taxes, business law, and best practices

4. Leadership, teamwork, and people management skills

5. Good communication skill both verbal and written

6. Compliance orientation regarding policies, rules, regulations, finance requirements, business law, taxes, employment law, and contractual requirements

7. Computer proficiency

8. An eagerness to learn and adapt to changing dynamics

This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive or complete explanation of duties and responsibilities. Employees are required to perform duties as may be assigned. Eden Foods reserves the right to modify job duties and responsibilities as circumstances require. This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.