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Simultaneous Localization & Mapping Autonomous System, intern/Fresher

Wisdom Robotics
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
March 10, 2023


We are looking for engineer or R&D developers in autonomous system.

+ Understanding the Autonomous Systems and advanced Robotics

+ Solving the linear and nonlinear theory such as Karman Filtering, EKF, Particle Filter, Graph Theory. Information Theory

+ Understanding the Sensor perception, camera 2D/3D perceptions and navigation problem

+ Motion Planning algorithms,

+ Modelling and Control: Kinematics and modelling

+ Time Series and Signal Processing

+ Integration Systems and Internet of Things

+ Working on Machine Learning and Deep Learning

+ Theory Concepts in Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making

+ Understanding the Computer Vision and Computer Graphics

+ Virtual Technology, human-computer interface, and User Interface friendly.

+ working on Cloud Computing and Big Data Engineering, Parallel and Distribution process, and friendly AWZ, Asuze, Google Cloud, Spark, Apache Hadoop, etc

+ Understanding the Sensors, IoTs Devices, Lidars, Cameras, Ultrasonic Sensors, etc

+ Formal Design and verification for Autonomous Systems

+ Risk-Awareness Management for Autonomous Systems


+ C/C++ master programming, PCL, Assembly, etc

+ Pytorch, Caffe, Tensorflow frameworks

+ English Communictation

[Ho Chi Minh] [Hanoi]