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MERN Fullstack Developer

Aspiree Inc.
Makati, Philippines
July 18, 2021


Summary of Role/Position

A successful candidate will be part of the team that is responsible for product engineering work of and related internal business tools. This position is also responsible for mentoring developers to upgrade their core technical skills needed to support further development of online products using the latest techniques, methods and frameworks based on Javascript (NodeJs, ReactJs, Express), Typescript and related technologies.


• Create unit tests to ensure functional correctness of code.

• Use of (or design of high level) widgets or components to produce the application's visual elements and implement interaction requirements.

• Design, document and develop APIs according to feature requirements inclusive of mocks/wireframes, user-flows, or non-functional requirements.

• Analyze and implement necessary cross-platform improvements to ensure that front-end applications can run efficiently on various device profiles & screen dimensions.

• Analyze optimization opportunities and execute work to make sure that applications run fast in accordance with latest web performance standards specifically the Web Vitals initiative by Google specifically Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First-Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

• Provide expert-level support on escalated application issues in various run-time environment (application, staging, QA).

• Adhere to department procedures/processes/best-practices: SDLC, Change Control Management, Agile Process, Ticket Management, coding best practices.

• Keep track of time spent on CAPEX and OPEX projects.

• Perform and participate in Code Reviews.

• Staying abreast of new developments in web applications, performance optimizations, and programming languages & tools


• Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or equivalent Computer Science or related industry experience.

• Expert-level full-stack development experience implementing solutions in Node/ExpressJS and ReactJS/Redux (at least 4 years’ experience).

• Intermediate to Expert-level experience using TypeScript.

• Familiarity with the latest specifications of ECMAScript.

• At least 5 years of extensive experience in CSS, JS, and HTML.

• Proficient in working with Single Page Applications (SPA) and/or working knowledge of Progressive Web Application (PWA).

• Experience with the security aspect of Single Page Application (SPA) - secure coding best practices and techniques.

• Proficient in resolving cross-browser compatibility issues.

• Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, Yarn and others.

• Experience using CSS pre-processing tools like Sass, Less or similar tools.

• Working knowledge on using Distributed Version Control primarily Git.

• Working experience with databases (or database-like) technologies such as MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache.

• Experience using Containers (Docker / Docker Compose) in Development or Production setup.

• Strong knowledge/understanding of OOP and functional programming paradigm.

• Strong understanding of Distributed Systems.

• Experience organizing and/or leading a team.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• Experience implementing automated test platforms and unit tests.

• E-commerce front-end development experience with SEO aspect (server-side rendering) is a plus.

• Experience using Lerna for managing large codebases is a plus.

• Experience working in command-line using Linux/Mac/Windows is a plus.

• Basic knowledge in AMP development is a plus.

• Basic knowledge in PHP is a plus.