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Territory Development Manager 3 (part-time work from home)

SkuSpring Ltd
New York, NY
March 19, 2021

Posted By Premium Recruiter


We are a start-up technology company with an innovative approach to in-store advertising and data collection in retail locations. We have established pilot locations in select US cities and we are looking to expand our pilot network with 3 more Territory Development Managers.

We are looking for commissioned sales people to work with us as we grow our advertising network. If you have previous experience with ad sales, then you would be a perfect fit for this role. However, we are happy to train you if you are eager and the right fit, so any previous sales experience is all that is required.

In this role, you will establish a small advertising network with local retailers in your area. Then you will sell local advertising on that network to local businesses. We will help you seed the network in your area with our devices and provide all the training, payment and advertising systems to run the business. We just need your effort on the ground and your experience in sales.

This would be an ideal role if you have extra time in your life for a part-time position. Our existing territory managers have other businesses that they manage, or work part-time from home – that has worked out well as the ideal sort of partner for us.

We are comfortable working with you as you grow your network and supporting you over time. We will pay a commission on your local advertising sales; but over time national brands will also want to run campaigns and advertise on the network that you helped create as well. We also pay commissions on those revenues, and this will help turn your efforts into a passive revenue opportunity that can grow over time.

If you are intrigued - we want to hear from you!

To help you understand this role better we created some questions and answers below.

How much will I make?

In the beginning a lot of this will depend on how well you do, and how successful we are in selling advertising. It will start slow and not be a lot. First, $100's a month, then $1,000. Our goal is to get you to $70K a year in the second year.

Is this a full-time role?

It doesn't have to be right away. We would like to make you successful, so part-time is ideal initially.

Why would I want this job?

Well, we are going to pay you commissions for your own effort and from other ‘swho want to advertise on your network . That is called recurring revenue and it grows over time, with each store you add in your territory. Eventually you will make a lot of money from just managing the territory that you built. Plus, we are not going to be small for long and there will be a lot of opportunities with us as we grow.

Will I be an employee?

No, you will be an independent contractor working on commission that is driven by our advertising revenues. Eventually you might want to be an employee and we are OK discussing that as we grow.

Who would do well in this role?

You will be entrepreneurial. Maybe you are personable and like to sell. Maybe you want to build something that pays you over and over again for building it, and not for your time each day. If you have the time and an interest, then it is for you.

Thank you for being interested in this job posting, we would be happy to review your resume if you reply here.