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Data Engineer / Developer (AWS/Azure data pipelines,Spark)_1 to 6 year

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Industry standards
February 23, 2021


Title - Data Engineer / Developer

Experience - 1 to 6 years (Flexible)

Location - Chennai / Bangalore / Remote Permanent WFH

Role Description

TheDataTeam is looking for fearless learners/warriors who hide amongst the crowd as Software Engineers. This is a full-time position to work on some pretty cool stuff. Like AWS/Azure data pipelines, Spark, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics. Mainly this position is for deserving engineers who are not getting opportunities just because they don't have 'relevant experience'. That sucks...right?! TDT is a firm believer in human potential and what an individual can achieve and learn when there is suitable motivation. So, all you programmers out there, despair not, this is your chance to work on Cloud projects as Data Engineers even if you have zero experience in that domain. Check out the below requirements.

The Data Engineer will be a hands-on person responsible for designing, prototyping, and implementing solutions that support a wide variety of data processing, data science and analytics needs. That's a mouthful. In simple words - you will work on the latest and the coolest cloud computing features and services. There will be loads of data to process, analyse, and play with (think Machine Learning).

TheDataTeam offers high-impact work in the areas of software engineering and data science that is challenging and at the same time richly rewarding. Find out more about us at our website Candidates who are self-motivated, can learn and adapt quickly, and proactively take ownership are encouraged to apply. So...are you that person? If yes, don't wait. Apply Now!

Key skills:

Experience 1-6yrs (flexible)

Python - Comfortable writing moderate complexity programs using decision blocks, loops, lists/arrays, key-value DS, basic algorithms (search, sort, string manipulation). Visit HackerRank (or some similar programming portal) and challenge yourself to obtain a Gold badge in Python.

Linux shell - grep, cut, find, sed, awk, redirection, stdout, stderr, pipes, ps, top, df, du, head, tail, wc, read, while, expr, [[ and ((, source, env variables, vi, wild card characters, regex, command-line args, if-else-fi you get the idea)

SQL - select, group by, order by, having, rank, case, joins, drop, delete, truncate, insert, CTAS, index, union, partitions, window, date general a strong ability to understand the existing data model and write decent SQL queries