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API Integration - Java (Bilingual)

City Of Industry, CA
April 12, 2021


ShipSaving is an all in one shipping platform. Our vision is to make e-commerce easier than ever before. ShipSaving integrates with multiple selling channels and shipping carriers to streamline the order management, shipping and warehouse management for online retailers.

Our website:


Reading API documentation, building and supporting scalable APIs, services, or applications

Building integration template, and Approve for production usage

Iterate, Test and Troubleshoot/debug as needed

Consulting with internal Engineers on how to improve our supporting software

Reviewing test posts from 3rd parting platforms and complying with our specifications


Minimum 2 years experience with a server-side scripting language such as Java, Python, GoLang or equivalent (Preferred Java)

Familiarity or Experience with Spring Boot and Spring Data, and testing methods using Junit and Katalon

Familiarity or Experience with Microservices and API

Experience integrating RESTful APIs

Familiarity or experience with integrating data and business processes with REST, SOAP, XML API’s

Familiarity or experience in building processes, deploying or supporting API's, and leveraging common frameworks such as message queuing, caching, scripting and complex mapping

Familiarity or Experience in understanding of issues around integration with large volumes of data, real-time synchronous and asynchronous integration

Familiarity or Experience with DevOps pipeline integration & CI/CD

Extensive knowledge or experience working in an Agile environment

Knowledge of Mongo DB and Big data is a plus

Knowledge of C#, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby is also a plus

BS or MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience

Exceptional verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills in both English and Mandarin

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• 阅读API文档 构建和支持可扩展的API 服务或应用程序

• 构建集成模板 并批准生产使用

• 根据需要进行迭代 测试和故障排除/调试

• 向内部工程师咨询如何改进我们的支持软件

• 审查来自其他平台的测试帖子并符合我们的规范


• 至少2年使用服务器端脚本语言 例如Java Python GoLang或同等语言 首选Java 的至少2年经验且精通Java Python GoLang或同等语言 首选Java 的经验

• 熟悉Spring Boot和Spring Data 以及使用Junit和Katalon进行测试的方法

• 熟悉微服务和API

• 集成RESTful API的经验

• 熟悉或具有将数据和业务流程与REST SOAP XML API集成在一起的经验或经验

• 在构建流程 部署或支持API以及利用通用框架 例如消息队列 缓存 脚本和复杂映射 方面的经验

• 熟悉或了解与大量数据集成 实时同步和异步集成相关的问题或经验

• 熟悉DevOps管道集成和CI / CD

• 在敏捷环境中工作的广泛知识或经验

• 具有Mongo DB和大数据的知识者优先

• 具备C PHP NodeJS Ruby的知识优先考虑

• 计算机科学学士或硕士学位或同等经验

• 出色的英语和普通话口头 书面和人际沟通能力

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $40,000.00 - $80,000.00 per year