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Area Pharmacy Manager

KVR Consultant
Eureka, CA
$110 per hour
February 15, 2021

Posted By Premium Recruiter


We are looking for a Area Pharmacy Manager with the Pharmacy at Hospital. Location: Eureka, CA & Fortuna, CA Schedule: Full Time - 80 biweekly hours Shift: 8-hour Days Job Summary: The Area Manager of Pharmacy is a professionally competent, legally qualified pharmacist who is thoroughly knowledgeable about and has experience in hospital pharmacy practice and management. The incumbent in this role will assist the Area Director of and Regional CPO/Executive Director of Pharmacy of the Northern California region in the strategic planning, design, operation, and improvement of the region’s medication management systems. Reporting directly to the Area Director of Pharmacy and indirectly to the Regional CPO/Executive Director of Pharmacy, the Area Manager will manage all pharmacy operations in the service area in collaboration with lateral colleagues who serve as Area Directors and Managers in the assigned service area or other service areas within the Northern CA region. The Area Manager of Pharmacy will be responsible for improving the medication management system; regulatory compliance for assigned areas within the service area; ensuring quality outcomes through performance-improvement activities; leading drug utilization efforts; optimizing the use of information systems and technology; managing the pharmaceutical supply chain, financial operations, supporting area managers and staff in achieving their goals and human resources. The Area Manager of Pharmacy will also serve the Northern CA region in collaboration with the Northern CA Executive Director of Pharmacy to co-manage an annual Drug spend exceeding 100M in an effort to achieve financial stewardship, optimization of our 340B program, and implement regional medication initiatives. The Area Manager of Pharmacy will serve as a Pharmacist in Charge (PIC) for 1-2 Licensed Pharmacies within the service area depending on the need. The Area Director of Pharmacy will interface with the Board of Pharmacy, DEA, California Department of Public Health (CDPH), FDA, TJC, CMS, and other State and Federal agencies in order to represent the licensed Pharmacies within the service area assigned. The Area Manager of Pharmacy will actively manage all Pharmacists, Technicians, Interns, Residents, and Non-licensed Pharmacy staff within the service area. The Area Manager of Pharmacy will serve as an ambassador for Pharmacy services within the service area and interface with Executive leadership, Board of Trustees, Medical staff, Area Management Team Leadership, Nursing Leadership, and clinical staff. The Area Manager of Pharmacy will routinely prepare and deliver presentations to medical staff committees and the local executive management team focusing on quality, regulatory compliance, medication safety, financial performance, and system and regional Pharmacy initiatives. All responsibilities are accomplished in collaboration with local and regional pharmacy leadership team. The Area Manager of Pharmacy services will be engaged in system and regional initiatives and committees, and be actively developed over time by the Area Director of Pharmacy Services and Regional CPO/Executive Director of Pharmacy to effectively become a future state Area Director of Pharmacy as part of a regional succession plan to develop and maintain highly effective and performing Pharmacy leadership within the Northern CA region. Essential Functions: LEADERSHIP: Responsible to lead quality, safety, cost-reduction, patient satisfaction and other initiatives as assigned by the leadership Identifies and eliminates barriers in achieving optimal operational efficiency and customer satisfaction (RNs, medical providers, leadership etc.) Proactively identifies and implement creative solutions to improve staff engagement and satisfaction Exercise effective and timely communication methodology to keep staff, medical providers, leadership, and other stakeholders informed of all important developments related to pharmacy operations Assists Area and Executive Director in developing short-term and long-term strategic plans for growth FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP: Manages departments within established budgetary guidelines for purchases and staffing. Provides input to Director and assists with financial and clinical presentations of performance and compliance data. Manages payroll and timecards. Develops clinical protocols and strong operational processes to minimize drug wastage throughout the hospital and outpatient areas of responsibility Supports all system, regional and local Utilization Management (UM) initiatives and efforts for the provision of low-cost, high quality care to patients Develops and implements strong staffing infrastructure in place for pharmacy technicians and pharmacists to achieve maximum operational and clinical workflow efficiency Develops and maintains a highly functioning drug inventory management system to avoid excess drug stock and wastage resulting from expiration of medications MANAGEMENT OF PHARMACY OPERATION(S): Manages all aspects of daily pharmacy operations for the area pharmacies, including, but not limited to staffing, scheduling, purchasing, inventory control, drug dispensation, drug distribution, clinical, formulary, policy development, regulatory compliance, medication safety, quality management, pharmacy information technology, human resources and budgetary compliance. Supervises daily dispensing activities, distribution functions, and clinical pharmacy services. Efficiently assesses department(s) workload and redirect or delegate responsibilities as appropriate Routinely audits staff’s work to ensure full compliance to established policies and procedures Operates department(s) in accordance with all State and Federal regulations. Maintains operations in accordance with all state and federal regulations and keeps department(s) survey ready by The Joint Commission (TJC), Board of Pharmacy (BOP), California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and all other regulatory and accreditation bodies governing the profession of pharmacy. Responsible for orientation and training of staff members. Conducts performance appraisals and employee counseling. Promotes open communication with employees Serves as backup to staff pharmacists if required. (See Pharmacist Job Description for details) Develops policies, protocols and standard operating procedures to achieve maximal operational efficiencies Proactively monitors drug shortages and other issues impacting drug supplies to timely communicate action plans with staff, medical providers, nursing, and leadership Develops a work environment that promotes mutual respect, participation, growth, and effective use of employee talents. Observes and enforces organization’s policies and Standards of Behaviors. CLINICAL MANAGEMENT: Assists hospital medical staff and quality committees such as Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T), Medication Usage and Safety, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Opioid Safety and others in development of evidence based drug policies, protocols, and standard operating procedures Responsible to assist P&T in development and management of evidence-based, safe, therapeutically efficacious and cost-effective medication formulary for inpatient and outpatient area(s) of responsibility Designs, implements and coordinates clinical pharmacy programs to achieve optimal drug therapy outcomes Develops, implements, and enforces medication policies, protocols, clinical competencies, training materials, and standard-work to achieve optimal mediation outcomes Responsible for development of educational and professional growth programs for pharmacists, pharmacy residents, and pharmacy students Conducts routine patient chart audits to assess clinical competency of pharmacists and residents Fosters the development of clinical practice skills by routinely challenging and engaging pharmacists, residents and pharmacy students in presenting difficult patient care cases for learning Researches and identifies evidence-based alternative medication treatment options in drug shortage situations and communicates action plans to all stakeholders in timely fashion to avoid care delays Serves as the Residency Program Director (if needed) Precepts and evaluates pharmacy residents and students MEDICATION SAFETY AND QUALITY: Assist Regional Medication Safety Officer, Executive Director and Area Director in developing a vision for safe provision of medication care to patients in the service areas of responsibility Implements and enforces all medication safety practices and policies approved by the organization to ensure complete patient safety from medication harm Builds a culture of medication safety by communicating all relevant medication events, near misses, adverse drug reactions, care delays etc. timely and effectively to staff Assist in developing strong facility specific Medication Error Reduction Plan (MERP) Participate in quality improvement activities to reduce medication errors and improve quality of care (FMEA, RCA, and creation of SBARs etc.) Support organizations quality initiatives to reduce harm and improve medication treatment outcomes; reduction in length of stay, antibiotic stewardship, medication reconciliation, appropriate use of opioids etc. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Serves as the Pharmacist in Charge of the department(s) and owns complete accountability associated with the responsibility, if required. Ensure compliance with all federal and state laws including full accountability around controlled substances security and safe sterile compounding practices Assist in the accreditation process by ensuring that the organization’s medication-use processes meet applicable medication management standards and national patient safety goals (NPSGs). Responsible to keep department(s) in survey ready state at all times; documents required by surveyors must be readily available in organized fashion; competencies completed, employee files ready etc. Frequently audits staff/department compliance to regulatory requirement and takes quick correct action to mitigate all identified risks to full compliance RESEARCH AND EDUCATION: Supports research and learning activities to promote professional growth for pharmacists, technicians, residents and students Participates in educating medical staff, nursing, allied health professionals, others pertinent staff Provides orientation to nursing and providers (if applicable) on pharmacy policies, regulations, best-practices, automation, technology, and safe medication use Promotes clinical educational and learning activities by conducting routine patient care case presentations by pharmacists, residents and students Support pharmacy technicians career advancement activities by engaging technicians in performing advanced functions Skills: Knowledge of Practice of institutional pharmacy Clinical pharmacy practices Pharmacy reference materials Inventory and stock controls Drugs, solutions, delivery systems Aseptic compounding regulations Current laws/regulations affecting practice of pharmacy Medication-related systems/software/technology Skilled in Planning, directing, organizing, delegating Interpersonal/communications for effective written/verbal mediums Computer applications Position Requirements:Education: Pharmacy degree from an Accredited School of PharmacyExperience: Previous management or supervisory experience in Hospital/Health SystemLicense / Certification: Licensed to practice pharmacy in CaliforniaPreferred Position Qualifications: ASHP Pharmacy Residency Three or more years of Acute Care Pharmacy experience Masters in Healthcare Administration or Business Pharm.D. degree