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React Native Developer

Dow Technologies and Systems
Irving, TX
October 15, 2020


Need 9+ Years experienced resumes

Must Have:

• Expertise in React Native

• Expertise in React 16.8.0+ (React Hooks), have extensive experience on hooks API.

• JavaScript Experts, know ES6+ features, and performance profiling.

• Hands on experience with Typescript. Comfortable and confident to use type in implementation (The projects are all in typescript, proper typing is required).

• Hands-On exposure with multiple styling solutions, css-in-js, Sass or less.

• Have experience with state manage solutions like Redux or Flux. Know how to design states of the application/component properly

• Experience in Integrating the REST & SOAP APIs.

• Minimum 5 years' experience building web applications with a JavaScript framework, preferably 3+ years using React

• Able to write unit test and integration test.

• Have knowledge for bundling toolchain like webpack, parcel etc.

• Exposure to CICD pipelines and Kubernetes Deployment.

• Able to do performance profiling for React application.

• Open to challenges, will to pick new tools/technologies.

• Have a clear understanding for modern front-end engineering.

Nice to have:

• Java & REST API Background

• Have a solid understanding of how React works.

• Independent Contributor & Quick Learning Capabilities

• Ability to design modularized component