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Fire Alarm Installation Foreman Brevard County, FL df

ESR Healthcare
Brevard County, FL
October 13, 2020

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Fire Alarm Installation Foreman Brevard County, FL df

Responsible for the success of wiring construction projects for fire alarm, security, and voice/data systems. Success is defined as profitable while meeting all construction schedule dates and being part of producing a quality product/service by managing personnel from the Installation labor pool.



Brevard County Area, FL


Read blueprints of low voltage systems and how they relate to the layout of a building.

Drill holes for wiring in wall studs, joists, ceilings, floors, etc.

Pull cable by feeding cables through access holes, roof spaces, wall cavities, conduit, j-hooks, bridle rings, etc.

Mount and fasten control panels.

Test and repair circuits and sensors by following wiring and system specifications.

May be required to assist in the inspection of installation sites, study work orders, building plans, and installation manuals to determine materials requirements and installation procedures under the supervision of a project manager.

Acquire and maintain the required tools on the tool list.

Learn to use fish tape, ohmmeters, power drills, and screwdrivers.

Meet installation deadlines as described by the project manager.

Accurate daily tracking of time via ExakTime for self and for the crews working on projects.

Full compliance with the company and client's safety program and policies.

Full compliance of policies and procedures.

Other duties as assigned by .

There may be some out of town travel required.

Able to direct personnel from the Installation labor pool to assure an efficient and profitable installation of wire and materials. Effectively manage 1 to 5 personnel per crew. Manage multiple crews for multiple projects.

Communicate effectively with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Planning the most efficient manner to install the wiring for a system.

Effectively teach the proper installation of cabling per manufacturer and applicable codes.

Provide project managers with forecasting reports of labor usage and planned usage for projects.

Lay underground cable directly in trenches or string it through conduits running through trenches.


Attain NICET Level II within 12 months.

Participate in required sponsored training.

May be requested to share in serving as a trainer in the sponsored training.

Consider going to manufacturing training to become certified in a low voltage system.

Be proficient at working with a laptop or iPad.