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Clinical IVF Embryologist

IVF Center Solutions
Coral Gables, FL
October 15, 2020

Posted By Premium Recruiter


Clinical IVF Embryologist

We have several openings for Embryologists to join us in Coral Gables, Florida.

Performs basic and advanced embryology techniques with experience in in-vitro fertilization. Good written and verbal communication skills. Under the direction of Lab. Dir./Lab. Sup. performs technical/clinical and research duties in the embryology lab with the ability to interface with the research and ancillary components of the IUF program. Participates in the oversight and training of junior Embryologists.

Specific, essential responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Basic procedures (IVF)- Full competency to perform basic embryology procedures needed in IVF to work independently in the following:

Collection and preparation of oocytes for insemination (involves oocyte microscopic ID, cleaning, distribution in dishes, and insemination)


Assessment of fertilization and zygote quality following insemination/ICSI

Daily assessment/grading and handling of embryos through D4 to D5 in vitro culture.

Cryopreservation and thawing of embryos at varying stages of development (includes subsequent culture and assessment of thawed embryos)

Preparation of fresh and thawed embryos for intra uterine transfer (involves loading of catheter for transfer and assessing catheter for retained embryos as well as performing assisted zona (A2) hatching when required)

Discard of trash and cryopreserved specimen or arranging for transfer of discarded embryos/sperm for research purposes


Performing ancillary procedures required to control for and improve the quality of services provided by the laboratory (includes preparation and labeling of media and tissue culture materials, media and supply testing, equipment monitoring)

Document all aspects of laboratory in the appropriate written and computerized transcription format (includes data involving clinical embryology/audiology, lab equipment monitoring, media and supply testing and embryo/sperm cryostorage)

Biopsy of a single blastomer for pre-implantation genetic screening

Fixation of the blastomer nucleus on a slide for PGS

Vitrification/slow freezing on single embryos/TLO (transfer to later date). Needs expertise in handling specimen and carrying out the procedure.

Advanced procedures

Contribute valuable judgment to the lab and physician team with regards to the sperm, eggs, and embryo specimen

Expertise that will allow discussion of embryologic issues with patients as well as physicians

Must be thorough in all documentation/reporting

Adherence to all protocols to maintain quality control

Communication skills must be superior


BS in biology or related field

A thorough and in-depth understanding of embryology. Special training skills on biopsy, fixation, and vitrification as well as ICSI. Continuing education on the latest trend in doing the above mentioned techniques.