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Junior Mechanical Engineer

R A consultant
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 27, 2020


Junior mechanical engineers test, build, and develop mechanical devices of all types, including machines, engines, and tools. They usually work day hours in a lab or office environment. However, some on-site and weekend work may be required to complete necessary tasks and meet deadlines. Junior mechanical engineers are considered entry-level employees and usually report to senior mechanical engineers.

Duties and Responsibilities

Junior mechanical engineers are responsible for isolating and fixing problems as well as creating and designing brand-new products, machines, and tools. They complete the following duties

• The junior mechanical engineer creates highly detailed design schematics for various components of a project.

• The first part of any mechanical engineering project often begins on paper. This requires writing out precise calculations before any hands-on mechanical work begins

• Calculations must be tested and retested to isolate problems with mechanical equipment. The junior mechanical engineer must re-engineer products when problems are found and recalculate to return products to full functionality.

• Junior mechanical engineers report to senior mechanical engineers, creating detailed reports and summaries of ongoing projects to keep their supervisors up-to-date.

• Junior mechanical engineers may complete some projects alone, but in most cases they work as part of an engineering team. This requires frequent communication and daily collaboration to make sure all aspects of the project are being addressed, and to ensure that no one is working on the same problem at the same time.

Skills and Qualifications

Junior mechanical engineers are precise and detail-oriented, but they must also be capable of creative thinking and problem-solving. They need several skills to perform their daily responsibilities:

• Software proficiency

• Communication skills

• Attention to detail

• Patience

• Creativity

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