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URGENT Camera Ops for spec coverage of 2nd impeachment

RJ Production Company d/b/a Digimedia
Washington, DC
January 15, 2021


URGENT!Camera Ops needed for spec coverage of 2nd impeachment (DC, MD, VA)

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compensation: $75.00/day for test video before funding in place/ up to $500/day once funding in place for contract deals

Currently Freelance/Low Budget camera ops needed to cover the impeach vote on monday January 11, 2020 starting 11:00am outside of the capital. Will also shoot B-Roll of the capital and A-roll of people's feelings about the 2nd impeachment outside of the capital. Pay is 75.00 flat fee for test video for the spec news blog for RJ Production Company since funding is not yet in place. Must have at least prosumer video camera. Since we're on tight budget pay will be made within 30 days upon completion and delivery of test video via dropbox or similar digital content delivery download website. Check will mailed via home address and can be paid within 30 days via paypal if you invoice us via paypal or can send PDF invoice and check can be mailed and sent. Call/text now Ask for RJ.

up to 300/day once funding is in place.

Previous assignment

Currently camera ops needed to cover protests of proud boys starting tomorrow 8am-noon. Pay is 75.00 flat fee for test video for the spec news blog for RJ Production Company. Must have at least prosumer video camera. Since we're on tight budget pay will be made with 45 days upon completion and delivery of test video via dropbox or similar digital content delivery download website. Call/text now

Will be requested to film protests near capital then travel by foot or subway since streets won't allow vehicles to near mcpherson square near or around black lives matter plaza. Ask for RJ. This is work-for-hire and RJ Production Company will own the rights to the footage, but you can use as a part of your portfolio. May also be sent to news networks as supplemental footage.

Once funding in place for other assignments up to 300/day

Other assignments needed for the future.

Need camera operators for deferred pay gig for tomorrow filming outside US Capital in DC to cover the congress voting for the stimulus check increase from $600.00 to $2,000 dollars! Pay is 35/hr deferred pay with a 4 hour minimum. Pay is deferred for usually 45-90 days or until funding is in place. Ask for RJ and e-mail anonymous e-mail address above with your name, direct e-mail address, direct phone number in body of e-mail, equipment list in body of e-mail. Will be shooting guerrilla style no tripod to get around permit requirements.

RJ Production Company is starting up a news blog to cover the pandemic and other news. This will be speculative news coverage at first, but when funding and donations come in will begin to become a guaranteed paid gig. Right now, RJ Production Company is offering deferred pay. Freelance Camera Operators with equipment needed to shoot B-Roll footage that will be sent to various news networks and media outlets. Start up news blog will also cover entertainment, art, & movie news, pandemic news, fitness, bodybuilding, and health news, sports news, political news, international news, commentary news, local news to the DC, MD, VA, national news, and other news.

Will be shooting test videos on spec until funding is in place for $75.00/day deferred. Test videos will be a deferred pay rate of $75.00/day (deferred until funding in place). Once funding in place will pay up to $500/day covering pandemic closures of both essential and non-essential businesses in the Washington, DC Metro area (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia). Will be shooting spec news footage and test video footage of these essential and non-essential business closures and/or roll back of essential services and non-essential services.

Shooting will cover essential services being rolled back due to budgets cuts due to the GOP Senate failed effort to take up the Heroes Act.

Roll Back and Coverage of Essential Services are below (Will Shoot Mostly B-ROLL, may try to get A-roll of people are will to speak on or off camera)

- Essential roll back of Metro Subway Train and Bus Services for weekend Service

-Prior Closings of DC Board of Elections

-Closing of Schools

-Roll Backs of reopening's for fast food restaurants-Drive thru only

-And Roll back of reopening's of any other business

-Car Washes

- And any other essential business

-Roll backs of reopening's of non-essential business

-Theatres and Playwright theatres


-Hair Salons, Beauty and Barbershops

-Bar, Clubs,

-Shoe Stores, Clothing Stores

-and any other business deemed non-essential

Some videos and camcorders needed are prosumer and Professional and Consumer camcorders such as Sony HDR FX7, EX1, Sony FDR AX 100, Sony XA 50, and some other camcorders. Camera Operators with equipment will make up to $500/day deferred. Must be 21 and over! Must be dependable. Can take subway train, Bus, or drive to locations (parking not reimbursable for spec test video project news coverage-portfolio builder). However, once funding in place and once your paid up to $500/day when funding in place parking and metro fare will be reimbursable.

-Also looking for production assistants, production interns, pre-production interns (for scriptwriting, gathering and researching potential news stories, editing, finding interview subjects etc, generating story ideas, posting story ideas on social media etc, no story is too large or too small, cold calling companies who want to be interviewed in regards to how their business has been impacted or how their business is going good or bad or so-so during pandemic etc). Application fee $75.00 to cover the cost of background checks and reviewing your application.

- On Monday December 14, 2020 in the morning 10am or so Camera Operators/equipment also needed to cover speculative news production coverage of electors voting in state houses in VA, MD, DC, and across the country. Call/text/e-mail asap. Will be paid deferred rate of $75.00/day for test spec footage. Once funding in place, will be paid day rate of up to $500/day. Camera Operators also needed for January 6 when the house counts the elector votes in downtown.

Call now Ask for RJ

E-mail resume in the body of e-mail or as PDF attachment or .Doc attachment, e-mail direct e-mail address and direct phone in body of e-mail or in the resume PDF and/or .doc attachment. If you do not do this, may not get a response. E-mail and call now! This is considered work-for-hire. But, you can use in your portfolio as well.