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Operational Specialist

GAIA Technologies Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
January 08, 2021


Operational Specialist

Type: Full time, Permanent

Salary: $18.00-$25.00 per hour

Location: Downtown Vancouver

Opening: Multiple

About GAIA:

GAIA Technologies Inc. was established in November 2019 as the overseas headquarters of Guangzhou Zhiyue Network Technologies Co. Ltd, located at the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canada. Guangzhou Zhiyue Network Technologies Co. Ltd is one of the leading internet companies in China. We have created a pioneering online consultation platform and have reinvented how people share knowledge. Since 2014, our mission is to help users seek answers to life's questions effectively by connecting experts and experienced individuals from different fields with those who need guidance.

Our original Chinese application "Song Guo Qing Su" (松果倾诉) was first made available both on iOS and Android in China in 2015 and has quickly gained popularity since then. With more than 6 million users and over 200 thousand service providers worldwide across all major operating platforms, we are now expanding to serve Chinese-speaking users around the globe with the international version of the application "Songguo Talk." We have continued to develop different versions to suit other languages' needs.

At GAIA IT LTD. we owe our success to the efficiency of our organizational processes. To help maintain and grow this standard, we’re seeking an experienced operations specialists to oversee daily activities


Perform daily operation of the APP and maintenance of the media platforms;

Act as the primary point of contact for users and enhance the connection between users and the platform;

Provide timely support to revolve reported problems from users;

Conduct specialized operation for the platform’s core users;

Plan and implementation of holiday and special version promotions;

Collects and analyzes operation data and ensure appropriate documentation for future references;

Constantly improve and modify product based on the user’s perspective and propose improvement plans to enhance user experience;

Monitors on promotions and operations of our competitors’ products, and propose changes according to the updated information.



Bachelor’s degree in operation management, business administration, or related field;

Over 1 year experience in operation-related position;

Excellent communication in English and presentation skills;

Strong data analysis and logical analysis skills;

Fast learner with strong execution and great comprehension;

Great customer service attitude and a team player.


Experience with hosting events (including live broadcasting, YouTuber, or other online broadcasting or video streaming);

Strong leadership, presentation and communication skill;

Able to read, write, and speak Chinese is an asset.

What is in it for you?

At GAIA, we believe that trust, diversity, and inclusiveness are the foundations for building a successful team. Our management highly values honesty and transparency, and is always open to feedback. We build trust with coworkers and clients through open communication and by delivering consistent results.

GAIA recognizes the strengths of diversity and embraces individual differences. We encourage our team to be creative and respect each other through active listening and consideration of all ideas.We offer a supportive team environment and work collaboratively to help each other achieve both our corporate and individual goals.

If you are interested in building a career with GAIA, let’s talk! We are currently looking for new talents to join our fast-growing team in Vancouver, Canada. Please send your resume to .

Equal Opportunity Employment:

In GAIA, we committed to equal opportunity employment to diversity. We consider all qualified applicants regardless of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, origin, and disability. We provide full accommodation upon request for people with disabilities during but not limited to the recruitment process.


种类: 全职

薪酬: $18.00-$25.00 per hour

地点 温哥华市中心

人数 若干

松果 GAIA 简介

GAIA IT LTD.作为广州智悦网络科技公司的海外总部 成立于2019年11月 坐落于加拿大温哥华市中心 智悦科技于2014年成立于广州 是全中国首家专注于打造移动咨询服务平台的科技公司 国内旗下主打品牌“松果倾诉APP - 放心说心事”是一个致力于通过智慧共享方式解决大众烦恼困惑的C2C付费咨询平台 松果倾诉从婚姻 家庭 职场 亲子等领域作为主要切入 是该模式的开创者与领先者

作为全球首家中文心理情感咨询平台 松果目前已拥有近20万倾听者 百万级别的用户量 同时 智悦与GAIA秉承了强烈的社会使命 立志于“通过智慧共享的方式 帮助人们更有效的追求幸福” 截止今日 通过松果平台获得帮助的用户已经超过600万

基于松果倾诉APP中国版本的成功 GAIA IT LTD.目前致力于开发针对海外各语言用户的国际线上咨询应用程序 拓展更多线上咨询服务品类 创造一个可靠的智慧分享互助平台 帮助海外用户更高效地获得平价实惠且优质的咨询服务


2015.07.15 松果倾诉App正式在各大应用商店上线

2016.06.30 松果倾诉 获得A轮融资 估值数亿美元

2016.10.10 松果倾诉被互联网周刊评为中国“互联网+”创新300强企业

2017.10.13 荣获2017胡润百富中国最具投资价值新星企业广州50强

2018.11.08 松果倾诉获得德勤中国2018 “广州明日之星”20强

2018.12 完成第三轮(A+轮)融资 融资近 1 亿元人民币 由全球顶级投资机构——兰馨亚洲 独家重仓 同时 世界四大会计事务所之一的德勤 在整个融资过程中提供了专业的财务顾问服务


用户通过一台手机 可以找到世界上任何背景的人咨询 倾诉 探讨




完成用户运营 负责平台的日常运营和维护

负责app日常运营活动 包括节假日 特殊版本活动策划 执行

充当用户的主要联络点 提供及时的支持 以解决用户报告的问题 增强用户与平台之间的联系

负责运营数据的收集和分析 提出运营产品方案 提升用户体验

结合公司运营方向 完成运营活动方案 提高用户活跃率

掌握竞争对手产品和活动运营动态 针对性提出合理化建议



优秀的英语读 写 说能力

大专以上学历 一年以上APP运营相关岗位工作经验优先


有良好的数据分析与逻辑分析能力 优秀的文案写作能力

学习能力强 具有良好的执行力和理解能力

有用户至上的良好心态 具有良好的团队合作意识