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Makati, Philippines
January 06, 2021


PHP Specialist (Salary is not limited 9 rest 6)


1. A formal college degree or above, with more than 2 years of relevant work experience;

2. Familiar with LEMP/LAMP environment, with OOP programming ideas, proficient in using common design patterns, familiar with common open source packages and common PHP extensions, such as Smarty/Memcached/Curl/PDO, etc.;

3. Familiar with the development of Web projects, and understand various optimization schemes of the project under the condition of a large number of users;

4. Have a good coding style and understand technical documentation writing specifications;

5. Have strong communication skills and learning skills, and have a certain ability to analyze and solve problems;

6. Have a good teamwork ability and a sense of responsibility beyond the general staff, able to bear greater work pressure; have a strong desire to learn to improve their own technology, and are willing to develop together with the company through hard work;

7. Experienced in mature website development is preferred (online or demo site is required.

8. Have APP long connection experience

Responsible for the development, optimization, expansion and maintenance of the company's PHP-related Web projects.