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Virtual Assistant Brand Ambassador 2 (Hourly Pay )

Vigilant America
Phoenix, AZ
$20/hour + Bonuses
April 12, 2020



The Virtual Assistant Brand Ambassador 2 (VABA2) Position is a mid-level hybrid role within the Vigilant America marketing division.

VABA team members are expected to be versatile and able to quickly move from one task to another.

At this time, we are working with a data mining firm to collect email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses from highly targeted prospects.

Job duties:

Engage with prospects in social media groups, online forums, in person, or anywhere else our target audience is accessible.

Share our marketing materials on all major social syndication platforms.

Create blogs, videos, and other content to bring in more leads.

Work with the marketing team to optimize production.


As a starting VABA referral agent, you will receive $20.00/hour + bonuses for a max of $40/hour.

You can work from 10-40 hours per week.

No overtime. No Benefits.

There is a paid training period where you are paid per lead while you learn our system.

Hourly Bonuses.

Any VABA team member who generates at least 20 leads in a 60 min period will receive a $5 bonus.


Fast learner

Social Media Savvy

Able to meet deadlines.

Able to multitask


Instagram Account

Facebook Page

Pinterest Account

Twitter Account

Medium Account Account