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Financial Analyst Executive 财务分析员

Blizzard Innovations Technology Sdn. Bhd
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RM3000- RM4500
November 05, 2019



- 针对接收到的数据进行统计 整理 分析 规划 报表维护及检测工作 保证数据的业务针对性 逻辑性 准确性及可读性

- 需要主动发现和识别问题 规划分析思路 进行深入数据分析 为问题原因排查及解决方案提供数据支撑并持续跟进得到结果 记录更新

- 针对接收到的数据或申请进行实时审核 纵横对比 考虑全面并给予审核结果及记录整理

- 从整体数据中进行对比 统计出规律并规划及制定额度的规定

- 整理及分析上级安排的其他数据相关的事务

- 定期制作各项报告 数据报告 日报 周报 月报 季报 年报等

- 制定数据分析工作规划以及个人发展规划

- 做好各事务的文档管理 能快速提取

- 遵守公司的各项规定并严格执行

- 配合上级下发的其他事务


- 拥有至少两年工作经验于财务/会计等相似范围

- 办事细心,注重细节,并能够随机应变及高度办事效率

- 拥有独立工作能力,在最低的监督 指导与资源底下,仍能发挥其积极角色,并能承受工作压力

- 善于电脑文件处理及快速报告整理

- 熟悉使用EXCEL WORD PPT等微软及数据分析软件

- 对数字敏感 具有缜密的逻辑思维能力及优秀的书面总结及口头表达能力

- 具有较好的文字 数据 图标呈现能力

- 精通于华语报告书写与语言沟通之能力

Job responsibilities:

- Perform statistics, collation, analysis, planning, report maintenance and inspection on the received data. Ensure the data is business oriented, logical, accurate and readable.

- Actively discover and identify problems, prepare analysis plan, conduct in-depth data analysis, provide data support for problem root cause analysis and solutions, continuedly follow up to obtain results and update the historical record.

- Real-time review & verify the data/request received, perform comprehensive comparison and audit on results and records.

- Compare the overall data, consolidate and record the quota.

- Organize and analyze other data-related transactions required by superiors

- Regularly produce various reports (data reports, daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, quarterly reports, annual reports, etc.)

- Develop data analysis plans and personal development plans.

- Good document management for all transactions in a timely manner.

- Comply with the company's regulations and rules.

- Perform other task assigned by superiors.


- Have at least 2 years of work experience in finance, accounting or similar job roles.

- Careful, have good attention to detail, highly adaptable and highly efficient.

- Able to work independently with minimum supervision, guidance and resources. Able to complete task assigned under a pressure environment.

- Good computer file processing skills and reporting skills.

- Familiar with Microsoft Office and data analysis tools such as EXCEL, WORD, PPT.

- Sensitive to numbers, with a strong logical and analytical skill and excellent written and verbal skills.

- Good text, data and graph understanding capabilities

- Proficient in report writing and communication skills in Mandarin.