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MH-60S Aircrew SME

Crew Training International
Norfolk, Virginia, United States
October 10, 2019



Education: High School Diploma required; Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Training and Experience: MH-60S aircrewan qualified at a minimum as Seahawk Weapons Tactics Program (SWTP) Level IV or Aircrew Combat Training Continuum (ACTC) Level IV. If not, then the SME shall have a minimum of one-year experience working as a Contracted Instructor Service (CIS) Armed Helicopter instructor on the applicable weapons system training program within the last six months..

General Skills: Possess sound knowledge of the MH-60S mission and systems with an understanding of applicable pilot and aircrew tasks, duties, aircraft systems, operations, tactics, and Crew Resource Management (CRM) skills.

Computer Skills: Proficient with Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Security Clearance: Must currently possess a security clearance of “Secret” or above.


Review all courseware, training materials etc. for commonalities, efficiencies, deficiencies, and submit change recommendations.

Update, revise, and produce Power Point, and other training materials in support of Weapons School, local training and HARP training events.

Review all Courseware, training materials, etc. for commonalities, efficiencies, deficiencies, and submit recommended CRs to the COR.

Periodicity of review may be on a standing periodic schedule or as the result of assigned CRs. Recommend and draft CRs to the COR. Identify, document, and correct all spelling, punctuation, grammar, references and syntax errors during the annual review.

Review submitted CRs to ensure the nature of the CR is valid and technically accurate prior to COR assignment. In the case of invalid CRs, the CR will be rejected to the COR with an explanation for the rejection. The COR has final authority to assign or reject CRs.

Recommend additions, deletions or changes to submitted CRs to the COR.

Cross validate CRs for effect on other curriculum, training materials, and training system as a whole. Recommend, draft, and submit additional CRs to the COR.

Verify the accuracy of CR work performed by Contractor personnel to include other SMEs.

Ensure CR resolution prior to submission for Government acceptance.

Verify all CRs that have been completed by Contractor graphic artists, programmers, instructional designers, and any additional technical personnel to include other SMEs.

Ensure CR resolution prior to submission for Government acceptance.

Attend meetings (e. g, scheduling, standardization, phase head, safety systems working groups, intelligence updates, aircraft systems, weapons tactics briefings and conferences) with Government/COR approval/direction.

Conduct, at a minimum, quarterly curriculum test item analysis to measure the accuracy of test items and report findings to the COR.

Assess training, syllabus, and mission scenarios, to ensure courseware and training documents reflect current tactics, techniques, and procedures as defined in the Navy Tactical Techniques and Procedures (NTTP), Joint Doctrine, and Navy War-fighting Publications, and are the most effective means of execution and make recommendations for improvements to the Government.

Provide analysis of existing testing instruments and recommend changes to improve training baseline and measure proficiency of training objectives.

Provide Advance Readiness Program (ARP) support at assigned Weapons School or designated ARP detachment.