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shirotechnologies LLC
Columbus, OH
November 07, 2019


Technology Stack experience includes:

.NET Framework (4.5.2 and higher)

Visual Studio (2017/2019)

SQL Server 2016 MVC 5

Entity Framework 6.2 including LINQ to SQL

Kendo UI Controls for ASP.NET MVC

Java Script, jQuery and CSS 3.0

C# 7.0 and higher


Visual Studio Unit Testing


Azure DevOps

Build and release using DevOps pipelines

Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5

The primary objectives of the PAPI are as follows:

The PAPI Database 2.0 will provide general updates to the existing database including new report options, user friendly functionality, updates to terminology used, and increased notifications or action basket alerts. There are also several new features to be added to the database around health navigation cycles with clients. This will include new tabs for static data collection like client demographics and contact information and tabs for more dynamic data like patient interactions or encounters and documentation of visits.


• New reports by: Disbursements, User, Agency

• Ability to save incomplete applications (would wipe incomplete applications after 45 days)

• Financial tab: clarify and streamline process

• Add annual re-enrollment notification

• Transfers: Add notification to recipient of client

• Insurance

• Disbursements: Break down into insured and uninsured clients

• Risk indicators: move this data into client tab, incorporate with navigation function

New Features:

• Create navigation function similar to CLC tab in RWAD