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Thread leak diagnostic for C# Windows Application

Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine
Per finished task or hourly consultations
July 01, 2019

Posted By Premium Recruiter


We have a Windows Service application written in C#.

It does multiple things, including web pages crawling, XML feeds downloading and parsing.

We discovered, that while actively working in production, our Windows Service application increases number of threads it uses by ~230 per hour.

Effectively, it means we have "threads leak" (similar to "memory leak").

We need help with pinpointing the code that is responsible for that memory leak.

The work, probably, should be structured as a collaboration between our team and you (as a "threads leak troubleshooting expert").

The deliverable are:

1) Name of the method that is causing "threads leak".

2) Explanation why you think that this method causes the leak.

Skills required:

- "Process Explorer", "Resource Monitor" or similar debugging tools.

(sysinternals, windbg, procmon, procexp, poolmon, RAMMap).

- Performance optimization experience.

- Leaks troubleshooting experience.

Diagnosing this threads leak is only an initial project.

Fixing the leak will be a separate project.

This is a remote job. You may telecommute from home / work remotely from anywhere.