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Manufacturing Operator/Production Operator

Saint Anthony, MN, 55421
November 06, 2019



• Performs all duties in a safe working manner, following all of Client’s safety policies and procedures

• Blend batch to designated formula

• Learn how to fill-off batches and fill batches

• Record all adjustments made to batches

• Upon completion of batch make sure work area is cleaned up

• Follow batch fill-out instructions as they relate to filter/straining requirements, container requirements, agitation of material requirements and labeling requirements

• Select approved batches to be filled by ship date or supervisors’ instructions

• Set up filtering equipment per batch ticket instructions and operate filling equipment

• Operate PLC

• Directly responsible for housekeeping and control of waste generation

• Operation of powered material handling equipment (PMHE) to move, store, load, and unload hazardous finished product(s)

• Unloading and loading of bulk tankwagons


Production Manager


• High School Diploma/GED

• 5+ years chemical plant/paint making experience preferred

• Able to demonstrate basic computer skills, math and problem-solving; mechanical, numerical and verbal aptitude to learn our jobs quickly

• Successfully complete a pre-employment mechanical aptitude test and interview process

• Successful completion of background check, physical and drug screening is required

• Ability to be licensed to operate fork trucks

• Ability to operate PLC

• Experience with SAP preferred

• Ability to demonstrate collaboration skills and work within self-managed team environment

• Must be able to read and follow, weight fractions of ounces, and measure accurately by gallons, pints and ounces (good math skills)

• Must be able to use various forms of PPE including respiratory protection

• Ability to use hand tools and lift up to 75 lbs. and work at heights at or above 30 feet

• Ability to work rotating shift schedule with assigned overtime or other assigned schedules.