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JavaScript Backend Developer

Poznan, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland
130-180 GBP/day
June 13, 2019


Aurity, Tech Accelerator from London is hiring a senior or mid-level JavaScript engineer, primarily with backend fundamentals but also ability to work full stack on web applications.

Required skills:

- experience with backend JavaScript (Express, Koa, Sails or similar)

- experience designing REST & WebSockets APIs

- Docker basics relational databases & SQL (ideally Postgres)

Bonus skills:

- experience with React & state management (experience w/ Vue or Angular also a plus)

- experience with other web frameworks (Sails, ASP.NET MVC, Django, Laravel, RoR

- experience with ORM & data migrations (knex, Sequelize, Entity Framework Code-First etc.)

- modern JavaScript (ES6+) & tooling (babel, webpack, eslint TypeScript

- AWS infrastructure experience (EC2, Route 53, S3, CloudFront, SDK/CLI)

- Google infrastructure experience (Play Store, Store Developer API, GCP, Firebase, Subscriptions)

- Apple infrastructure experience (App Store, Auto-renewable Subscriptions, push notifications)

- Stripe infrastructure experience (Stripe Connect)

- *nix command-line basics

- container orchestration & Kubernetes

- experienced in automating tests (Mocha, Jest, Selenium, NUnit, RSpec, Cucumber…)


- One month #hackerhouse that we arrange every 6-8 months at some tropical destination.You can join the team there, have some fun and work. We make sure, the internet connection is very good. Next will be in Canary Island! :)

- Opportunity to join internal workshops.

- Get paid for additional education and conferences.

- Work on R&D tech and create next React-Native

-Very interesting projects including blockchain

- We are open to new projects, and we would gladly work on a realization of your idea where you would stay the leading owner.

- Want more? Let’s talk we are always open for new ideas!

Sounds like a perfect job?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at