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Doctor Staffers LLC
Mountain Home, AR
Competitive and Negotiable
October 26, 2020


Seeking CRNAs in Mountain Home, AR.

CRNA Compensation:

0-4 years $160K

5-9 $170K

10-14 $180K

15-24 $185K

25+ $190K

In addition to the base salary above, the following compensation / benefits apply:

- Overtime Rate (for hours physically worked over 40) - $100 / hour

- Overtime Call Back Rate - $100 / hour

- Weekday / Weekend Call Rate (to carry pager): Monday - Friday - $100 per day / Saturday & Sunday -$200 per day

- Seven (7) weeks or 280 hours PTO

- $1,500 Annually for Continuing Education and/or Certification/Licensure Renewal

- Malpractice Insurance

Note: Only CRNA years of experience are utilized to calculate base salary.

Also, offering a $20,000 / Two (2) year Sign On Agreement.

Schedule is Four (4) Ten (10) Hour Days per Week. Day Off Rotates

6:30am - 5:00pm

8 OR Rooms

Approximately 30 cases per day

Average patients per day in the OR: 7.5

Procedures: Ortho; Neuro-Spine; Uro; GS; Vascular; Plastics, ENT

On Call one day per week and one of every four weekends

Average call back for weekends: 5-6 hours / day; sometimes none, depends on who is working

Always have a MD on Call - Primary Call

Also have two CRNA's on Call - as 1st and 2nd Call; however they still only take call once during the week and one of every four weekends.

Currently have 5 MD's and 7 CRNA's on staff.

Interested candidates please call or text 407-221-3642 or simply reply to this post with your CV and contact info for more details.