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Computer Operator

DatamanUSA LLC
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
June 11, 2019


Job Details:-

Title: Computer Operator

Location: Louisville, KY

Duration: 0-6 months (CTH)

Job Duties:

- Synthesizes information from multiple simultaneous inputs, including automated road sensor data, emergency frequency scanners, two-way radios, CCTV cameras, and computer databases.

- An Entry Level client will train to become competent in the operation of TransCommanderâ„¢ software, telecommunications skills, incident location, camera control, CAD monitoring, and Freeway Service Patrol dispatch.

- Monitors closed-circuit television (CCTV) video monitors.

- Monitors emergency frequency scanners.

- Disseminates traffic information to the motoring public utilizing Dynamic Message Signs, Highway Advisory Radio, the TRIMARC website, social media, WAZE, print, and broadcast media and information service provider partners.

- Communicates effectively with the motoring public and government agencies.

- Maintains radio communications with and directs Freeway Service Patrols.

- Maintains radio and telephone communications with Public Service Agencies.

- Crosschecks static databases regarding construction and special events.

- Provides written reports as required.

- Performs other ancillary duties as determined by management.

- Ability to learn metropolitan roadways and their multiple or alternate names, under whose jurisdiction they fall, where that jurisdiction changes, and what alternate routes exist.

- Ability to use office equipment including personal computers and their software with a particular emphasis on graphical user interface applications.

- Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

- Ability to work calmly and accurately under pressure.

- Operators must acquire Tunnel Operations certification within six months of hire. Be team oriented multitasker