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Process Engineer Precision Machining - 5667

Absolute Opportunities
Windham, Maine, United States
November 07, 2019


Process Engineer – Precision Machining - 5667

Relocation Available: Yes

Salary / Package: Based on qualifications.

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Maine

Town / City: Windham

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

The Process Engineer is responsible for all aspects of a project or program once accepted by the company. This “cradle to grave” definition varies from project to project; however, the scope of work includes any factor which will have an impact on the project or program. The Process Engineer, herein referred to the “P.E.”, is the one person anyone can call upon to get information and timely responses on the said program, work holding, tooling, resource, or project. Going forward, the term “project” defines work (regardless of scope, quantity or size) as described and outlined in a Purchase Order, referred to simply as the P.O.. By definition, the P.E. is a responsible owner of a project which includes holding each job to originally specified manufacturing parameters.

He/she demonstrates leadership by upholding all company policies (Safety, Quality, Punctuality, and Personnel/HR) while always exemplifying the highest level of professionalism. He/she is required to be a champion of continuous improvement of staff (formal training as well informal by encouraging employee suggestions with positive and comprehensive responses), work practices (SOP’s), work environment (safety and housekeeping), and resource conditions (PMs) to improve manufacturing efficiency, manufacturing methods and processes, part quality and to improve rates of production and to decrease costs thus leading the way to always be a “World Leader” within industry.

Key Responsibilities

A. The P.E. is thoroughly and directly involved with Sales during the initial project evaluation and quoting phase. The P.E. provides a process outline that must include: required shop resources for each operation, setup and cycle times for each operation, outside services required (heat treat, etc.) tooling needs, quality equipment and inspection time as well as packaging requirements (as needed).

B. When a P.O. is accepted and assigned the P.E. now becomes the responsible owner of a project. The P.E. scope of work is as defined but is not limited to:

1. Defining timelines and immediately acting on long lead aspects / concerns.

2. Defining tooling and establishing a means for acquiring or fabricating tools.

3. Developing an Engineering Master (that includes machining / fabrication router (Work Order [W/O]) to optimize quality, manufacturability, price and schedule that meets quoted & budgeted specifications (IE time, tooling, etc.).

4. Working in conjunction with appropriate departments investigate and validate gaging, work holding devices, methods, and improvements, inspection equipment and resources for optimization and assurances.

5. Working with Quality to develop a QC plan to determine acceptance criteria, allowing the fabrication for desired results and to assure we have the means to verify what Q.A. determined as a desirable result.

6. Working with Operations to mitigate risk by confirming:

• machinist skill set capable of performing work required to meet all objectives

• resources capable of meeting all required feature(s).

7. Identify and suggest to management required changes to resources (NRE, Capital Improvement, etc.) to assure manufacturability.

8. Working directly with machinist and Operations at each sequence to confirm process effective and ensure process control is achieved by taking detailed notes (especially during inaugural runs), authorizing change documentation (including PCNs) as required, reviewing notes, and updating P.E. Best Practices.

9. Constantly working with the staff and leadership involved with Scheduling, Operations, Quality, and Sales to assure and confirm project progress which will include but are not limited to:

• Agreed upon production timelines, as determined with scheduling, are met.

• Profitability targets are met and or exceeded.

10. Taking responsibility to ensure all tooling aspects of the process are met including Tooling costs and that the overall cost savings through process improvements are monitored and reported to management.

11. Working directly with Quality and Operations to provide problem solving, defect analysis and process improvements to include but not limited to scrap reduction and reducing down time.

12. Working within current Safety, ISO and AS parameters as required and work with the assigned staff so they too act in accordance with and meet Production & Reliability Quality, and Safety expectations.

13. File and archiving data and information (including P.E. documents) as required by company policy.

14. Organizing and storing all inserts, consumables, tools, fixtures, mediums, etc., in appropriate designated locations IE tool crib, Drill Rack, Misc. cabinets as designated by PEs and Scheduler, etc.?”

C. The P.E. will build-up and lead team members to achieve the above goals via coaching and active and ongoing training and development or recommending specific training by “functional experts.”

D. Shall be actively involved with operations & QC to ensure the efficient set-up and first piece validation efforts of your jobs and where needed directly assist with the set-ups at the machines. This is to include developing, documenting and maintaining set-up work instructions. As a result, the operators should be able to do these, instead of you, next time.

E. As a company leader, act as a role model championing corporate goals and supporting organizational objectives, policies and programs across the organization and not just involving the production area.

Organizational Relationship

The Process Engineer 1) reports directly to the Manager, Engineering, 2) has an obligation to directly support their counterpart(s) and the operational supervisors (especially the night shift supervisor) by ensuring they are as completely up to date as possible on issues and or concerns as well as supporting them by providing additional information on the staff being used to meet project goals and 3) has a support responsibility to all functional directors, managers and other leaders within THI.

Job Requirements

A. Education and Training

1. Should ideally have a four year technical degree or equivalent experience.

2. Additional education to include managerial training and problem solving disciplines (i.e. Operational Management, Leadership /Coaching, Lean Six Sigma, Statistical Quality Control/Statistical Process Control, etc.).

3. Documented or peer recognized evidence of keeping up-to-date technically and applying industry specific knowledge, especially related to using quality equipment is an ongoing expectation.

B. Technical Requirements

1. High mechanical aptitude with strong mathematical skills, to include but not limited to machine shop math, trigonometry, geometry, metric conversions, etc. to problem solve and improve operations.

2. Strong blueprint reading skills with a working knowledge and practical experience of using GD&T.

3. Highly organized as demonstrated by but not limited to being able to keep records (including relevant correspondence) in a sensible & logical format easily accessible by them as well as by others.

4. Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for assisting in final determination of the impact of effective manufacturing within a job quote.

5. Proficient with basic computer skills and if applicable for component parts at least one industry common CAD software program.

6. Exhibits a demonstrable understanding of the forces/actions affecting cutting tools and basic tool/fixture design fundamentals.

C. Project Management

1. Three to five years of broad technical/manufacturing experience preferably with a precision machining background, of which at least two years should ideally be in a manufacturing and/or manufacturing/process engineering role and acting as a Project Lead, Troubleshooter, or Project Manager.

2. Able to manage conflicting interests of business partners and long term customers.

3. Focus on Client Needs -- Anticipate, understand, and respond to the needs of internal customers to consistently meet their expectations within the organizational parameters.

4. Able to manage shifting priorities.

5. Ensures that proposals accurately and effectively convey the organization’s organizational and operational capabilities and are appropriately priced to contribute meaningfully to our financial results.

6. Utilize available data and processes to meet shipping goals.

7. Works with scheduling to set priorities, develops work schedules, monitor progress towards operational and fiscal goals, and track details, data, information and other required activities.

8. Time Management - Managing one's own time and having an active role in assessing the time of those supporting the successful completion of their projects.

9. Provide timely performance input. This also specifically includes sharing HR related concerns, both negative as well as positive, to the Operations manager for them to be addressed and or recognized.

10. Able to inspire a team to grow and achieve goals in an inclusive manner, recognizing that a key aspect of this role is the output and enhancement of that team’s capabilities and not the Process Engineer’s individual ability to produce a program plan.

11. Promote Team wide reliability, quality and process improvements efforts.

D. Communications Skills

1. Professionally respond to verbal and written communications.

2. Communicate clearly so information and expectations are understood and can be acted upon. Encourages employees to ask follow up questions to ensure the employee’s comprehension. A prime example would be creating work instructions that are clear & self-explanatory to the point that if the PE was not available anyone could pick it up and accomplish the desired goal.

• Additional items would include status reporting, e-mails, shift logs, input for Deviation Reports (DR’s) and action items.

3. Become a point of contact for all staff offering project input and become a conduit to present their ideas, concerns or points of view to decision makers and other staff.

4. Able to accept feedback and suggestions from all staff to ensure they are given the opportunity to improve their rate of learning and enhance our processes.

E. Work Environment

1. Contributes to providing and maintaining a safe, clean and organized work environment for all employees and visitors. This includes identifying potential risks to Maintenance, Safety, & Operations and recommending/implementing remediations to those risks and assisting the production staff to ensure that the P.E.’s productivity and quality goals are met.

• NOTE: the P.E. is to focus on technical and process issues while any HR related concerns the PE observes are to be shared with the Operations Manager.

2. Extensive interaction over the entire manufacturing floor requires significant standing and walking on an ongoing basis and The P.E. must have the ability to sit and stand, use arms, hands and fingers to perform routine administrative duties and lift 50 lbs.

3. As an important part of the leadership with an indirect responsibility for a number of production staff and a direct responsibility for the on time delivery of a high quality and reliably produced customer order, the P.E. will be expected to work on average 45 hours per week and more on occasion when customer requirements call for it.

F. Additional Responsibilities

• Must be able to maintain confidentiality and guard the integrity of proprietary information.

• Must be legally authorized to work in the United States for this position.

• Demonstrate a high level of professionalism.

• Able to work in a fast paced environment.

• Able to work well under pressure and maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude.

• Demonstrates a history of continuous self-directed learning and is eager to take on more responsibilities.

• Share trade knowledge with co-workers that is appropriate for their position and beneficial to the company.

• Other duties as assigned by Management.

Bottom Line Requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

2. Strong blueprint reading skills with a working knowledge and practical experience of using GD&T.

3. 3 to 5 years of manufacturing experience with a precision machining background.

4. 2+ years in a manufacturing engineering role and acting as a Project Lead, Troubleshooter, or Project Manager.