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Referral Agent (Non-sales Commision Role)

Vigilant America
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
$1/per referral Commission
September 18, 2019


Vigilant America is proud to announce the launch of the alpha version Match Remote Work.

This is our 24/7 Live Streaming Video Platform.

In order to build it into a next generation app, we need to perform extensive testing.

We are looking for several highly motivated individuals to help us identify prime candidates for our initial test group.


You must master the basic functions of all of our our live streaming technologies.

You must be able to effectively explain the technology, marketing model, and monetization model behind the platform.

You must have YouTube live streaming capabilities.


We will pay $1 for every Verified referral.

A verified referral meets the following requirements:

1. They must provide an accurate and current first/last name, e-mail address, and phone number.

2. They must speak to one of the Vigilant America managers via live video chat.

3. They must pledge to be an active member of our community.

4. They must have a YouTube Channel with live stream enabled.

5. They must have a device that can run the Stage Ten streaming software.

Payouts are made Via Paypal.

You must have at least 10 Verified referrals to be eligible for payout.