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Computer Support Specialist

Entourage Consulting LLC
Prince George's County, Maryland, United States
March 18, 2019


Entourage is accepting resumes for Computer Support Specialist.

Please send your resume information to us.

General Description:

Computer Support Specialist administer lab servers running Windows network operating systems and provide system support to lab clients and other users running Windows operating systems in the Education & Training Section.

Specific Tasks:

• You shall maintain operation of the flight’s LAN requirements. Designs, installs, and maintains the network architecture of the computer labs, including complete classroom configuration and cabling from the PC to the writing closet. Administers the Windows-based classroom and testing room servers, personal computer, smartboards, all multimedia components and peripherals. Troubleshoots Ethernet LAN networking and protocols. Provides technical support to include system security, user account management, printer and peripherals management, user access and connectivity to classroom LAN, intranet, and internet. Provides technical support for web-based programs and software specific to Education and Training, including, but not limited to: AFAEMS; AFIADL; Oracle-based programs such as MilPDS, CivPDS, and DEAMS. Prepares and maintains up to date educating client requirements prior to scheduled classes. Ensures labs are fully functional and prepared in accordance with educating client requirements prior to scheduled classes. Implements, configures, updates and provides support for desktop applications. Formulates, develops and documents procedures for the solution of application and computer lab network problems. Analyzes and implements methods to automate system updates, patches, and virus signatures. Must stay current in LAN management, and with AF standards regarding hardware and software maintenance.

• You shall be responsible for setting up and maintaining Education and Training Section personnel hardware, software and peripherals: Determines and recommends procurement of hardware and software for the organization based on optimal use of applications and business needs. Installs, maintains, and administers education software programs. Implements and maintains ghosting software for classroom and end user programs. Provides hardware and software support to systems and end users. Responds to end user requests for assistance. Interfaces with systems vendors regarding identified issues. Responsible for assisting education staff with escalated customer related issues troubleshooting hardware and software while using Education and Training Flight equipment and programs.

• You shall be responsible for inventory and security: Responsible for computer inventory for 140 plus computers and associated peripheral equipment. Prepares inventory replacement schedule for flight commander. Prepares and maintains certification and accreditation packages for all computers and servers. Manages a disaster recovery plan for the computer labs. Maintains paperwork for equipment swapped while under warranty, using hand receipts and appropriate equipment tracking procedures. Prepares paperwork and hardware for the Defense Reutilization Management Office (DRMO). Ensures virus updates are current on all unmanaged, stand-alone, and laptop computers. Maintains documentation of patches installed.


• You must be able to effectively communicate with professional educators, students, flight staff, and supervisors.

• Previous experience in providing computer equipment support is highly desirable, including knowledge of the principles, concepts, techniques, standards, processes, and guides of computer system management.

• You must have knowledge of network infrastructure concepts and troubleshooting techniques for Ethernet LAN, intranet, and internet connectivity.

• You must have the ability to use and maintain a computer system, equipment, and software.

• You must have expertise working the Oracle database programs to assist the staff with AFAEMS and MilPDS.