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CAD CAE Engineer

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
December 07, 2018


Must Have working experience on -PoleForeman, GIS, ESRI, CAD Applications, CAE Applications

Graduate Mechanical \ Electrical Engineers having :

•Experience in conceptual design, 3D modelling and FEA/engineering analysis in CAD\CAE applications

•Preferred knowledge of software programs like PoleForeman, which is used for classing utility poles, calculating guy wire tensions, and performing joint use analysis

•Awareness about the Operational Technologies and the Smart Grid is a plus

Team member

Detailed Design (The end of this activity includes sending the draft construction/ drawings to Distribution Engineering Leader or designee for review)

• Structural analysis of distribution pole structure and all apprates using PoleForeman Tool

• Basic knowledge Electrical Distribution network is must

• Experience in Designing Distribution Electrical network.

• Having a strong knowledge of Electrical Design process.

• Having Strong knowledge of Electrical network Assets, such as, Substation equipment’s, Fault Protectors, Breakers/Switch–Feeder Cable, Fuse – Lateral, Meters

• Request utilities based on city, county, etc. requirements

• Permit drawings generated & coordinated with construction print

• Permit drawings uploaded into WMS and assigned to FPL Permit Coordinator for review

• Permits applied for by FPL Permit Coordinator

• Follow up to ensure permits have been applied and are received in timely manner

• Project coordination & management skills

• Good Communication skills

• International exposure

• Influence a broad audience via effective verbal / written communication and presentation skills

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