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Pet Sitter - North Phoenix/North Glendale Area

Love Your Pets Too Pet Sitting
Glendale, Arizona, 85302, United States
December 04, 2018

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LoveYour Pets Too

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Pet Sitters Wanted

We are a local family owned pet sitting business. We provide top of the line, high quality pet care to clients all across the valley. For this position, we are looking for a sitter who lives in North Phoenix/North Glendale area - 85085,85083,85308,85310. You MUST be honest, organized, detail oriented and able to follow instructions implicitly. You will be doing some short visits during the day & evening in these zip codes. You will also be doing live ins at the clients home where you will be staying with the clients dogs during the day AND night, following their normal schedule (you are allowed time away). You will be an independent contractor and have the option of setting your own schedule (within the client's parameters) and accepting or rejecting any jobs. As an independent contractor, you are NOT an employee. Our busiest times are weekends and holidays and you will be need to be available for those.

If you are chosen, there will be a voluntary unpaid training session you must attend and after that we will go with you on your visits(you will be paid) and do hands on training until you are ready to go on your own. This will be a slow process and the number of clients we assign to you will build as you gain experience. The perfect candidate for this job is someone who is retired, semi-retired or has a current part time job with flexible hours and DOES NOT need a steady paycheck or fast money. If you could use some "pin money" or supplemental income then this is perfect for you. If you are currently unemployed and/or looking for immediate work and immediate paycheck, this isn't for you. If you are looking for something to do while you are looking for a full time job this isn't for you either. Current and former pet sitters are welcome to apply but keep in mind that we will be training you under our system and you will need to learn to do things our way. When we offer a job to you, it will normally be 1-3 visits required per day for a number of days. So if there are certain days of the week that you consistently would not be able to do even 1 visit, then this won't work for you. If you have a flexible enough schedule that you normally would be able to work some visits into even your busiest day, then you would be a good candidate.

We are not sending you out to take care of stranger's pets. Before we accept a client, we meet with them and get to know their pets. Most of your assignments will be planned well in advance but there will be rare occasions you might only have a day or 2 notice.

Minimum Requirements:* If you do not meet all these requirements, please do not apply for this postition.

If you have applied for a position with us as a pet sitter in the last 6 months, you are NOT eligible to re-apply.

You MUST love animals and be comfortable with all the good and bad that comes with taking care of them. You must have either owned and taken care of your own pet(s) or have experience with animal care.

You need a newer model smart phone(android highly preferred) with unlimited or ample data, unlimited text and connected to the internet at all times (not just hotspots). You need to be good at working with your phone as far as downloading and using apps, checking/answering email, texts and using calendar on phone for scheduling. You must be able to take pictures and videos and submit them to us quickly.

You must have a reliable vehicle, auto insurance and registration. You must have a great driving record, clean background check, no prior felonies, no misdemeanors involving drugs, alcohol, robbery, theft, dishonesty or fraud.

You must be able to provide name, email and phone number for 3 references, either personal or professional.

You MUST be a person of integrity who is honest with us in all your dealings with us as well as the client.

You will be required to provide information needed for us to run a background check (at your expense.)

You must live in 85085,85083,85308,85310 zip codes or within a mile of these zip codes and willing to service that area for visits as well as other areas for overnight/live in service . If you don't live in this area it is not feasible for you to drive here for short visits.

Pay structure:

30 minute visit you will be paid $14

60 minute visit you will be paid $25

Live-In you will be paid $75 per 24 hour period

Overnight you will be paid $65 per night

Or Email your info including resume to:

Love Your Pets Too Pet Sitting